Monday, April 30, 2012

Comfort Foods and Eye Surgery

After more fiddle-farting around with various appointments and required physical (to make sure I'm fit for day-surgery), I'm finally scheduled for cataract surgery. Left eye is Wednesday, May 2; right eye is on May 16th. I'm already doing the pre-surgery drops.

Half of me is still quite fearful and anxious about the procedure itself. The other half of me can't wait to see better. Everything is blurry now. I have trouble sewing, especially threading the needle (even with extra magnification). In the grocery store, the aisles look like a blur of color and shapes with no distinguishing characteristics. That's WITH my glasses.

I'm going on record to say that this is all going to work out fine and that by June 15th I'll have new glasses for close-up work (computer, stitching, beading) and no need for distance correction at all.

Meanwhile, comfort foods call me. Today, especially. I had some flavored yogurt in the fridge and a tub of Cool Whip (which I normally don't like much or get into). Mixed together, they made a lovely, smooth, sweet comfort treat. Yummm. Big baked potato, smothered in butter and sour cream for supper. Honey and PB were calling me all day, though I haven't succumbed yet.

I figure a little comfort food in the two days before the first surgery is justifiable. Yes, it's feeding my addiction. Yes, I'm using it to numb myself and for just a moment to escape my fears. So be it.