Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Nothing is Constant... Except Change

My previous post was all about moving to the mainland... all set... offer received and accepted... done deal.

Ha... It was not to be. What looked like the absolutely perfect house, one where I almost skipped the step of having an inspection, had a surprising nightmare underneath it... a pond of standing, stagnate water, three inches deep, in the crawl space. A few hours of internet research convinced me to run (not walk) away from this house. The water was indicative of high water table, a problem that can be addressed with bandaids, but not cured... a problem that would eventually result in mold, mildew, rot, insects and rodents.

So the deal was off.

What to do next? Keep looking both on the island and the mainland?

Sometimes, it takes making a decision to realize what I really want. Ever had that happen? Yep, I had been convinced that the mainland move was the right thing. But when the house deal watered out, I felt relief, major relief actually. Examining the feeling made it clear that I really did not want to leave my friends and the security I feel here on the island. Even though there were pros for the mainland, it now seemed I felt more inclined to stay where I am.

Funny how the see-saw of making an offer here and then one on the mainland finally showed me where my heart wants to be.

Meanwhile, the owner of the house I'd offered on previously, contacted my agent saying she'd be willing to knock 10G off the selling price if I wanted to re-offer. She thought that amount would cover the necessary repairs mentioned in the inspection report.

I took another look at the house and decided to go for it. Now, I own it. Done deal. I am staying on the island, moving over the next couple of weeks to a modular home in what seems like an amazingly friendly modular home park, located 3 miles out of town. Here are a couple of pictures.

My new home!
This huge, evergreen tree (don't know specific type yet) is one of my favorite things about this home. I have neighbors only on one side (and she happens to be a quilting friend!). Looking across the street from the dining room and living room, there is a wonderful view over open, pastoral land to salt water and the Olympic Mountains.


The large living room, as shown in this picture, was carpeted, and painted a rather dull brown. I've already replaced the carpet with wood flooring, painted the room a very pale rose, and installed ceiling lighting. This room will be my studio... my art, bead, and stitching haven!!!

The former dining room will be my cozy little living room; and what was the breakfast nook will be quite adequate as a dining room. Everything is currently getting a make-over... paint and new flooring! I couldn't live in a home with white carpets throughout... just not me.

The kitchen is roomy and light, thanks to the skylight. I've never had a dishwasher, and have always struggled with cramped, no-counter-space kitchens. This spacious kitchen is a huge change for the better. Whoo-hoo! It too is receiving a flooring make-over.

From kitchen to food... the stress (of all the decisions, the changing plans, and the divorce) is definitely taking a heavy toll on my serenity these days. I am grateful beyond words for OA meetings and friends. Yes, I've probably gained a few pounds... snacks here and there and larger meals... but the good news is, I have not reverted to binging. This is actually better that good news... it's a miracle!

I look forward to being moved and settled... to a bit more serenity... to pursuing my art again. It is in sight!