Sunday, June 24, 2012

One More Day at a Time...

Feeling better today... better about myself. Managed to not eat between meals yesterday. Really difficult! After months of snacking, it was a struggle to maintain between-meal abstinence yesterday. Maybe it will be a bit easier today. So far, so good... One hour at a time.

One of my friends says, "Sometimes it has to be one minute at a time." I get that.

Part of the earlier sadness is about the damage I've been doing to myself. Turning that around will help, I think. Part of feeling better today is being honest yesterday.

Thanks to my visitors yesterday... I appreciated your comments very much.


  1. I'm am glad that you are feeling better today and that you stuck to your food plan yesterday. Seems you got a little off track while you were focused on writing the book. I know that you enjoyed that challenge but also that is made it more difficult for you to stick to your plan. Now that is complete, I am sure you will get back into your routine and with more time for the walks that you enjoy so much, you will should start feeling healthier and happier day by day.

    As I am writing this I noticed you counter in the corner of my eye. SIX HUNDRED AND THRITY FIVE DAYS OF ABSTINENCE. That is really impressive. If you can do that, you can regain control of your snaking.

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