Thursday, November 25, 2010

More Thanks!

Today, the officially designated day for thankfulness, is the easiest holiday for me. Even when it was all about food (either what I would eat or what I would not eat), the day was generally fun and easy. That's because I've always felt myself to be unusually blessed; and gratitude comes easily for me, flowing naturally like rain drops into almost all days of the year.

This year, added to all my other blessings, is the blessing of not being obsessed with eating, especially with consuming my binge foods. It is a miracle, pure and simple, one I never dreamed could happen in my life. For this amazing blessing, I thank:

Margaret Bullitt-Jonas, author of Holy Hunger
my dear, understanding, supportive husband
my OA group
Liz, my OA sponsor
Julie, another sponsor and dear sister-in-law
Liz and LL, bestest long-time friends
Christi, Lunnette, Christy, Leah
PJ, Anne, Karen, Jules, Cammy, Dees
Bobbi, Carol-Ann, Carol, Susan, Lois, Sabine
the founders of AA


  1. When I first saw your comments
    on someone else's blog,
    and then I saw your blog,
    I thought to myself
    "She won't write to me!"
    And yet you did! How fun is that!
    And I'm so glad you did!
    Happy happy grateful thankful Thanksgiving!
    And many easy more!

  2. Thank you...I am honored to be in that list! Grateful for THAT, too.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Me three:) And I love reading that you feel blessed.

  4. You make me blush... Thank you very much, it is a blessing to have had a chance to be part of your life even from this distance.

  5. "...the blessing of not being obsessed with eating, especially with consuming my binge foods."

    I found your description touching, since I feel the same way. This is my second Thanksgiving that was not all about The Food. So nice... makes me feel so thankful.


  6. Thanks is easy for me, too. No matter what happens, once I have calmed down, I see that there is a lot for me to be thankful for, and I am. It's a good feeling, to be sure. I'm thankful for you, and all the inspiration you have given me, both artistically and with your courage and determination. I'm thankful for my husband and best friend, my cats, my little house, my friends, and even all the hard lessons I've been learning throughout the year. So Happy (late) Thanksgiving to one and all!


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