Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ten Good Things about Me

After reading my last post, coral-seas commented that she'd like me to write a list of ten good things about me. Seems like a good challenge, so guess I'll try it.

Oh, yeah, and I'll curb my instinct to be flippant or shallow about it. Ten good things about me, Peacefulbird:
  1. I tend to be a peace-maker in my family, with neighbors, among friends. I value peace over being right and try to help others see peaceful solutions and compromises when they are in conflict.
  2. I trust most people most of the time. I believe their intent is good and that that they are honest.
  3. I like most people and most animals.
  4. Although I can sometimes make harsh judgements about people, I'm open to changing my mind, willing to give them the benefit of the doubt long enough to find reasons for reversing my negative opinion.
  5. I can be trusted with secrets and rarely gossip about others.
  6. I respect differences. Different styles, tastes, appearances, opinions, histories, countries are of interest to me. I have always liked learning about and exchanging ideas with people who live differently than I do.
  7. I am a loyal friend to my inner-circle of close friends and family members.
  8. I am generous with my time and knowledge.
  9. I love to laugh and am a good foil for people who know how to be funny, like my husband and many of my friends.
  10. I am adventurous by nature, intrepid about just doing it, whatever it is.
OK! I didn't know if I could do this or not, but it wasn't as difficult as I imagined. Thanks to coral-seas for suggesting this.

* * * * * * * * * *
Gratitude for today: Rain filling our cisterns, beautiful beads from far away places, having what I need when I want to make something, bunnies, Julie and Lunnette (both sent me bunny cards in the mail that came today).


  1. I loved this list! We'd make great friends--very few of your positive traits are mine! :D So funny.

    Since this is your post, I'll refrain from filling this comment with the traits that I share and the ones that I don't. But the restraint that is taking is daunting, so I must close. chuckle.

    It's a great list!


  2. Interesting list! Good for you for doing this. I'm not sure I could.

  3. Your list is so true. You are such an amazing, smart, kind, deep, mysterious, & talented woman. I am so glad you can see the goodness in yourself since you so readily see it in others and tell them about it.

  4. What a great list. If I read that list on a friend matching agency, I'd think that is someone I'd like for a friend.

    I don't know if I could make you laugh enough, I tend to be a bit on the serious side! But I'd live to go travelling with you because I am also fascinated about people who live differently from me.

    I love that we are all so very different, each of us unique and none of us perfect :-)

    I very much admire the way you face upt to obsticles and challenges.

  5. Hi Robin
    It would seem an easy task, but hard for some. Myself too, I think. But a wonderful excercise. You have recognized the good that others see in you too and some that close friends and family probably know too. And some that no one but you can know.

    I'll be thinking of my good traits today. I wonder if I can come up with 10.

  6. Great list! Now you have me wondering what I could come up with for myself.


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