Saturday, December 10, 2011

Food Myths

At our OA meeting today, I started thinking about the myths I hold to be true about food. I call them myths, because that's mostly what they are, although there may be partial or occasional truth involved with some of them. Here are the myths:
  1. I'm a busy, active person. Therefore, I need to eat a lot of food.
  2. I need a lot of protein.
  3. If it's mealtime, I should eat... even when I'm not hungry.
  4. I should always eat when I'm hungry, having at least a snack if it's not mealtime.
  5. If one helping tastes good and satisfies me, more will be even better.
  6. Carbs and sweets will make me feel better.
  7. Carbs and sweets will alleviate boredom.
  8. Getting together with friends should always involve eating.
  9. When company comes, I need to feed them well, or they will think I'm a terrible hostess.
  10. I deserve food treats.
  11. I am entitled to food treats as rewards.
  12. Thin people don't eat enough; they are unhealthy.
  13. A little bit of food won't hurt me.
  14. I show my love for people, by feeding them.
  15. I give myself love when I feed myself.
  16. It's natural to want to eat
  17. I can't stop myself from eating too much.
  18. I can eat too much of _____ right now and not ever do it again.
  19. I'm tall and big; therefore my body need a lot of fuel.
  20. On the days I walk for an hour, I deserve and need extra food.

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Gratitude for today:  walking with Gayle, my new computer, Robert's wacky (make me giggle) sense of humor, improved water filter, Great Courses, my hands


  1. I've believed in several of these myths at one time or another too. Probably the worst was, "I'm a busy, active person. Therefore, I need to eat a lot of food."

    Though I do thing that number 16: "It's natural to want to eat" really is true. It's interesting that you posted about this because I had a conversation with someone about this very topic earlier this week. The desire to eat is natural instinct. We need food to live. It's kind of like an emotion that should be regulated. Kind of like people who need to control their anger... many of us need to control our eating.

  2. Interesting - I am now thinking about what would make MY list. Tops on there would be I should eat whatever I want today because the diet starts again tomorrow.

  3. Each of those myths contains a grain of truth and that makes them very insidious. Humph, indeed!

  4. Awesome - these and many more - hiding here and there in our thoughts!

    Did you see the walking guy is back... this time in NYC!

    Happy New Year to you and yours... and may this be a wonderful year for all!


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