Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wind Scares Me

Skunk Cabbage, picture taken last week
 Our weather has been somewhere between January blizzard and March winds... some snow, quite cold, dreary, and the worst part for me... high winds. We are surrounded by tall trees, Doug Fir mostly, and live on the top of a ridge. The winds sweep up the ridge, gathering momentum it seems, and slam into our house, actually moving it and making horrendous noises. Eeeek. I have trouble sleeping when it's like this.

Must be age-related. I recall as a kid loving storms, the more violent, the more fun. We lived in MN during my school years. Tornadoes and thunder/lightening storms were not uncommon. Once, during college, I was visiting a friend who lived on a farm. We were out in the fields when a tornado suddenly developed. We hit the ditch none too soon, as it thundered over us in one exciting whoosh. Later that afternoon, we saw a large motor boat (6 passenger) wedged in the fork of an oak tree about 8 feet up. Still, I wasn't scared then, only excited and in awe of nature's force.
Same Skunk Cabbage, 3 days later

Seems fears have little by little been creeping into my life as I face turning 70 in 6 months. One of them is wind. Not breezes, mind you, but near gale force winds. And we've had a lavish of them lately. My walking partner and I walked in moderate gale winds today. The trees - alder, fir, hemlock, madrona, and maple - were cracking and creaking. Branches (ok, mostly not very large ones) were strewn everywhere along the road, and one good sized tree was down. Never was I so glad to get home, although with all the trees around our home, many of them a good 200' tall, it doesn't feel very safe inside either.

Skunk Cabbage in a creek
I'm writing about fear because experiencing it makes me want to eat, eat, eat... Comfort food... need comfort food, which to me is peanut butter and honey on toast or a big bowl of granola. Have not given in to it. Just for today, I'm acting as if everything is going to be OK. Just for today I'm writing about fear rather than eating about fear.


Gratitude for the day: at time of post, all trees around house are still standing; time to write; fabric; internet; walking partner; DB


  1. Good to know your trigger and how to redirect the desire to eat.

    The other day at work I was stressed. A gal that works for me asked what she could get me to help. . chocolate..a cookie...chips. My reply was that I don't take comfort from food, I'll have a cup of coffee. Really. Where did that come from. Now I am wondering what my trigger is.

  2. I also think that fear increased with age and I have developed a fear of wind. Or maybe it is more about the tall trees in close proximity to the house. We are not surrounded by them but the tallest is the closest to us and is definitely within striking distance. Most are willows that tend to get brittle in old age and this one is old! It has looooong straight branches that sway dramatically in a slight breeze. It gale conditions the branches do a frantic dance and tilt ominously first in one direction, than another.

    Walking in the wind (away from trees) is another story. I still feel exhilarated from the feel of wind and absolutely love to watch the sea in stormy conditions – from a safe distance of course 

    Well done, not giving into the comfort food. Perhaps writing about your fear/stress/anxiety can help you face down your desire to eat in these situations.

  3. I agree, good job letting go of that pull to eat over emotions.
    I've been reading a wonderful little book lately (actually on my 3rd time through) called The 4:8 Principle. And one of the things he talked about recently was how our emotions are created by what we believe, what we think.

    He gave the example of seeing the dark spider over in the corner of the room, and going into a cold sweat of fear. Only to flip on the light, and it was a shadow. Yet the feelings from that "belief" were real.

    But I think it's harder when the emotion seems based on a reality... the damage from a tree coming down due to the wind could be catastrophic! That's why I give you props for dealing with it in a healthy way. I suppose all that's left is to prepare as necessary, then not let our (our meaning me too!) imaginations run away with us. :-D

    Loved the skunk cabbage pics... brought back good memories. :-)


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