Sunday, April 20, 2014

"You Are Safe"

A friend in OA just sent me something he found on a blog... I love it... so to keep and share it, here you go:

You may feel overwhelmed, alone, in danger – about to be consumed by the waves. You need to know something today.
You need to know that I love you, without condition, without condemnation. I love you just for you.
If someone tells you what you’re doing wrong, don’t take it on yourself. Bring it to me. Talk to me. Ask me to show you if there is even a grain of truth for you in it, then with a breath, I’ll blow the rest away. Someone else’s assessment of you is not yours to carry, only what I give you.
If there is a grain of truth, it will not crush you. You may feel embarrassed or your pride may be wounded, but only because you forget this was never about getting it right – it’s about a journey with me. To grasp what I show you is to admit you didn’t already know it. Let that deflated pride go, grab onto what I show you, and move forward with me.
And if someone tells you what you’re doing is wrong, and you bring it to me, I may tell you that you are fine. Perfectly fine just the way you are. It is my job to lead and guide you in this life.
Remember, my burden is easy to carry, because I’m here to help you carry it, and I know exactly where you are and what you need. Others give you burdens that are too heavy for you because they aren’t fitted to you. Set them down. Instead, just follow me.
Step inside my unconditional love. Let the waves crash outside. You are safe.
I am with you. I will be with you forever.
I love you. I will love you forever.
This can be a message from me to me, or a message from my higher power to me, or a message from me to "Little Me." The thing that strikes me the most is the line at the end, "You are safe." It's what I crave in this crazy, over-populated, self-destructive world. See?I can get so bent just thinking about the world's troubles, and the bottom line is this: I don't feel safe. With the guidance of these words, I want to practice letting "the waves crash outside." Ah, for a moment, my shoulders are at rest, not hunched up around my ears. Ah, it feels good!


  1. Very beautiful and meaningful. It spoke to me, too. Thank you for sharing it here, Robin.

  2. I love that quoted blog piece. Fear not, but do a 4th step when you do.


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