Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Waiting for Antibiotics to Kick In

Six days of coughing, frequent coughing fits that made my whole chest burn, feeling like my lungs are turning inside out, sleeping only a brief time between the fits, and fever causing alternating sweats and chills, six days and finally I gave up and got my husband to drive me to the Dr. yesterday. Dr. put me on Azithromycin, which already, after just the first dose, seems to be helping to calm the symptoms, and prescribed some codeine cough syrup, which gave me 4 consecutive, blissful, cough-free hours of healing sleep last night.

Today I have zero energy, barely enough to write this post. My hands are shaking, little tremors, and my legs too. Laundry, grocery shopping, preparations for studio tour, gardening chores and much else will have to wait a little longer. But... I am a little better than yesterday and for that I'm grateful. So far, crossing my fingers, my husband seems to be holding to steady health. Dr. said I'll stop being contagious 24 hours after first dose of antibiotic, so by later this afternoon.

My husband tried to find somewhere to get some good chicken soup in town yesterday (bless him), but being unsuccessful, he bought a piece of baked chicken and a can of Progresso chicken soup, which I ate last evening, my first "meal" in several days. Akkkkk, canned soup is sooooooooooo salty! I couldn't finish it. I hope to feel well enough to grocery shop tomorrow and will make a crock pot of decent chicken soup! I should make some to put in the freezer for future health emergencies like this.

Gratitude for today: having no pressing commitments for the next week, antibiotics, the promise of seeing Lunnette and Christy a week from today, and the hope of getting back to walking soon.


  1. Hope you feel better soon:) My mom makes great chicken soup - too bad you live so far away.

  2. Feel Bettah, sugah!...said in my best southern drawl.

    Thanks for your blog support. Appreciate it.

    My personal throat / chest illness remedies include Hot lemon tea, salt water gargles, chicken soup and saltines and diet coke, and sleep. lots of sleep. When you feel like you can do it, soak in an epsom salt bath with eucalyptis or lavendar bath salts or essential oils. It works.

  3. Y'all feel bettah now, heah?

    I agree about the epsom salt bath - draws out all the bad stuff and lavendar helps you relax. Drink water, water, water until you float, then ride the wave of your friends sending healing energy.

  4. I hac not realised that you are so poorly. I hope you feel better soon. Resist the temptation to tackle all those chores you listed until you are back to full strength.

    When I am poorly, I crave a well known UK branded of chicken soup. Normally I would make my own the way my mother and grandmother taught me but when I'm ill only heinz chicken soup will do.

    Wish I lived close enough to bring you a pot of home made soup. I'm sending heeling vibes instead :-)

  5. Oh, poor you! I surely hope the meds will do their work swiftly and without delay. Take good care of yourself, and just let us wait. Your health is far more important. Best wishes and a big hug.


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