Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I Weighed Myself.....

Well, thanks readers for the good tips on how to feel better. Your well wishes and all must be working... maybe the antibiotics too... anyway, except for coughing spells from time to time (not so often, thank goodness), I'm feeling a lot better after three hits of the Azithromycin, which is my new, favorite antibiotic!

This morning, after a reasonable night's sleep (that means only waking myself up with a coughing fit three or four times, as opposed to every 10 minutes), I woke up thinking about things... chores, how the day might play out, a friend I had hoped to talk with on the phone last night (but didn't), normal morning thoughts.

Then, suddenly, the thought struck me to get out of bed and weigh myself.

Probably doesn't sound too weird, until you realize I haven't been on the scale but one time in over a year, since early April of 2010, after our return from a trip to the South West, where I pigged out every day. That fateful day, I weighed in at 232... not my all time high, but a jeans-squeezing, foot-busting, chipmunk-cheeks, rotundus-abundus, hate-myself, yo-y0 high nevertheless. It was still two weeks, and probably a few pounds more, before I realized I can not control my eating/binging and turned myself over to the care of a higher power and the loving community of our local OA group.

Since then, the only time I weighed was when I had my annual physical and was weighed (fully clothed with shoes) at the Doctor's office. Although I closed my eyes, the nurse said the number out loud. I think it was 187. At the time, I had mixed feelings about the number... good because it was a significant loss from when I started... not so good because I've been around 187 many times before, a number where I seem to hit the wall, often the bottom of the yo-yo drop. Therefore, I vowed to continue my no scale policy.

Until this morning. Don't know what got into me. The results? !66 (with full bladder and flannel nightgown). I was surprised. Thought it would be around 180. Feeling good about it. However, I think this will be the last scale visit for a while.

I don't like the pressure I immediately felt, the panic that the number might be low because of being sick, the fear that being this low (still overweight for my 5 ft. 8 inch frame, but no longer obese) will make me think I can go back to my old ways of eating, some other more personal fears related to the past and my attractiveness to men. No problem, fears! Just cool your jets, because we're not getting on that thing again for a loooooong time! No scale and all's well with PB!


  1. Hi Robin.
    Feel Better Now, huh! Congratulations on better health (not to mention the respiratory thing).

    Have a wonderful, wonderful holiday weekend.

  2. No Scale for PJ --since I just weighed, thought to myself 'it is what it is' and I'm going to work towards trusting my higher power God and myself and work towards freedom from out of control eating.
    take your time recovering

  3. Mizfit shared a funny story today about how her daughter saw a scale at a friend's house and asked what it was! Kudos to you on living without one.

  4. I have just recently put my scale was brought out when we moved to the new house and the cycle began again too quickly. It was one of those realizations, when you think you have come so far, and the patterns take over and you don't realize it until two years down the road!
    Glad your feeling better. was penicillin and my sleeping too has been better!

  5. Congratulations on the awesome weight loss--and breaking thru that 187 barrier. Weird how there can be numbers at which we get stuck.

    And, the mental foolishness that happens after the weigh-in? Yeah. It's so bizarre. You've gone all this time without weighing in with such good results, you'd think the scale anxiety wouldn't follow. Yet, it does. I wonder why we torture ourselves so.

    Again, great job!


  6. Slow and steady with the occasional leap and bound!
    Glad you are better!

  7. A week without decent sleep is torture! So glad to hear you are getting better now.

    Anyone who thinks this weight loss thing is all about numbers is... well, I'll just say it's all about the INside stuff, not just numbers. :-)

    Thank you for your comment on my blog... what you said gave me a big smile!


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