Saturday, December 29, 2012

Big Girl Panties

Trying to Time to put on my big girl panties. Grow up. Get over it. Let go. Turn it all over to HP.

The truth is I'd like to be in control. I started writing because I'm upset. I just checked the Amazon reviews of my new book, which previously had all been 5 stars. Now somebody (somebody I know personally) gave it only 4 stars. OUCH! I'd like to be in control.
  1. I'd like to fix the index of the book, which the publisher did... and in my opinion didn't do well.
  2. I'd like to change the table of contents to include "quilting with beads"... (how did that get left out? my bad for not catching it during proofing?
  3. I'd like to change the "Look Inside" pages shown on Amazon.
  4. I'd like to delete any Amazon reviews that aren't 5 stars.
  5. I'd like to punish our local book store owner for saying to my face, "Oh [read with disregard], it's a craft book [read with disgust].
Yes, I would like to be in control.
  1. I'd like to follow my food plan to a T.
  2. I'd like to do arm exercises, every day.
  3. I'd like to walk at least 2 miles, every day. 
  4. I'd like to "uneat" 2 cookies, yulekaga, and pumpkin bread so I could put my abstinence counter back where it was at over 800 days.
And while we're at it...
  1. I'd like my husband to sleep less.
  2. I'd like to change a whole lot of things about him.
Is this starting to sound ridiculous? Why, yes it is.

Time to put on my big girl panties. Let it all go. Breathe. Be grateful for all the 5 star reviews. Be grateful that the publisher finally activated the "Look Inside" feature. Be grateful for all that my husband is and does. Be grateful that I exercise some days and follow my food plan sometimes.

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a turning point
big girl
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  1. The big girl panties look great! I connected with your post today; thank you for sharing. None of it sounded ridiculous. It sounded human. Your post helped me to see and be grateful for the blessings I have.

  2. It's so easy to find fault..with ourselves and with those we love.

    Its easy to be hurt or be insecure because of what was said, or wasn't said.

    You've worked really hard on the book, and working on your personal issues.

    There is always a set-back. It's the way of life and roller coasters. But we overcome them and start the climb back up. The post was the second step..the first was looking forward.

    Here's to the best New Year ever.
    xx, Carol

  3. Letting go... man oh man, that's the big one, isn't it.

    I can relate so much to the feelings you've written here. Of wanting to change something, to fix it, to make it different... I could make a HUGE list of those things. But instead, I have to do like you... choose to let go. To trust it will alright. To focus on those things to feel grateful about.

    Funny how when we look for them, we stumble upon those blessings "everywhere".

    Is that a haiku? I loved it whatever it was.

  4. I'm laughing at myself... I want so much to go back and fix a typo in my comment... but have to let it go and accept it as is...

  5. Thanks for the comments... WOW! I didn't expect anybody to be visiting here after not posting for so many months.

    Retta... it's not really a haiku... just sort of a poem I wrote. Sometines I express myself better writing in short lines than in sentences.

    Letting go IS a BIG one... have to work at it all the time. Together we get better!

    Love to you all, PB


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