Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Heart Replies...

A dear friend, who knows what is going on with me, just sent an email asking, "So how is your heart feeling these days?" Below is my immediate response...

Heart Replies

Heart is feeling empty
resisting reality
resisting change
looking for sunshine
in the wrong season.

Heart is feeling lost
can’t find her home
can’t recall the path
looking for a home
where none exists.

Heart is feeling tired
weary of pros and cons
weary of thinking
looking for answers
in a thick fog.

Heart is feeling closed
turning from faith
turning from trust
looking for clarity
instead of the truth.

Still on the fence... maybe more now than even a few days ago, because I went on the ferry to the mainland town to see the other place again. Tomorrow, I'm going to take seriously the suggestion given by one of the readers here... I'm going to sit on a log on the beach, hold out my open palms, and breathe in harmony with the ocean's lapping waves.


  1. As I read your post, it occurred to me that a lot of your feelings are what people feel when they have lost a spouse to death. I also read that you are placing a lot of blame on yourself.

    I hope that you did sit on that log and open your mind and heart to the Universe. Free yourself of thoughts about the other house and your doubts about your decisions. You are tripping over the past. Its time to plant your feet firmly and find what you will look forward to.
    Much Love

  2. YES~
    Breathe in the harmony! Love.that

    No matter what....enjoy the experience~

  3. Ahh... ! "I'm going to sit on a log on the beach, hold out my open palms, and breathe in harmony with the ocean's lapping waves." That sounds just ideal! Being on the fence isn't always the worst place to be. It may be you hesitate because somehow the heart knows something better is on the way. Sometimes being right on the cusp of a decision, hovering right on that point, prompts me to make a decision and go in a direction I'd never thought of before, because all directions can seem possible there. I hope you got some peace, there by the sea.

  4. sit by the ocean, let the tide tell your heart it's allright. It may not be easy, but you are being true to yourself. That's what counts. In my thoughts I am with you, as are many of us. You will not be alone although you are making the steps... you will be carried. (I messaged you on FB)

  5. Find your peace, dear peaceful bird!
    Sending you every good thought...

  6. sending you good thoughts and peace


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