Saturday, January 22, 2011

Joining Karen at the Goal Post

Karen, inspired by Michele's comment, just wrote a great post about her goals for a healthy lifestyle. After stumbling around a bit for words, she came up with a tidy start, a list that I find quite inspirational and helpful.

Goals have always been a nemesis for me, saying or writing them even more than having them. Maybe it's fear, some sort of goal-jinx syndrome, I don't know, but somehow, Karen's first goal post gave me the courage to face the same question and actually write my own list.

Here then, is my first draft, my first attempt...
My Goals for a Healthy Lifestyle

I want to accept that I do not now, and never will, have a so-called “normal relationship” with food. My nature is to have an addictive relationship with food, to binge and to overeat. To try to control my nature is to fail and feel crazy.

I want to continue abstinence from my binge foods, one day at a time.

I want to develop the habit of stopping, breathing and feeling my feelings at the very moment I notice myself overeating or grazing.

I want to wear size 10 jeans and size medium shirts.

I want to establish and hold to a routine of walking about two miles on the average of 6 days/week; also to make arm and toning exercises a part of every day chores, like brushing my teeth.

I want to continue to enhance my spiritual awareness, opening myself more to trust, hope and love; letting go of fear, resentment, shame, blame and control.
Gratitude for the day: cat on my lap and her deliciously sweet purr, PJ's candid blog, beads and fabric, my old computer and even older, nearly defunct and soon-to-be-replaced HP printer (in constant, even abusively frequent, service since 2001).

PS. I've not been blogging a lot because I've been obsessively (my husband's word) quilting; if you'd like to see, take a look here.


  1. Glad I could help:) I find it interesting to see where/how our goals are different. For one, I am striving for normal (with a whole post about just that next week) and you are working withing the framework of recognition that "normal" is not your path. And you are much more, what I guess I would call spiritual with your goals. Which I have always known is not something that I have. (I mean, I am not spiritual; as to whether I'd ever aspire to some version, maybe.)

    I love that we can learn from each other when we are the same and when we are different:)

    Wonderful goals, PB.

  2. OH!! Thank you so much for the link to your beading site. I love love LOVE looking at quilts, beading and such. I bookmarked it to go back when I have more time to soak in the beauty.

    About goals: I understand what you mean about not wanting to jinx it, so to speak. I go through bouts of that, at times when I am not feeling especially confident.... like now. :-}

    But I identified with what you said about stopping, breathing, and feeling the feelings.

    I've been trying to ignore them again, and guess what?! Yeah... we all know that doesn't work. So... back to stopping, breathing, tuning in... :-D


  3. The awesomeness continues....
    day 115?!
    That's about a third of a year.
    Good habits are no-doubt engrained by now.
    And blogging, and quilting and petting the cat....
    All good things!

  4. I've been thinking about goals a great deal recently. I also don't like setting them. I think it is the fear of failing that keeps me form setting them. I've decided to set priorities instead but haven't got around to actually doing it yet!


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