Monday, January 10, 2011

Singin the Snow n Ice Blues

Been quite chilly, temps at or below freezing, around here... for about a hundred years it seems. But I don't mind that so much. We keep a good fire going and wool sweaters layered over a hoodie keep me warm enough. It's the snow and ice that get me down. Slip-sliding on our trails, not walking much because I fear falling, not driving because I fear sliding off the road (as I did two winters ago, totaling my car and any small winter bravado I may have had).

It's the snow n ice blues that make me eat, she says, tongue in cheek. And I seem powerless to resist. Am I surprised? Well, no. When did I ever have power over my eating habits? Haven't touched any of my binge foods, so I'm keepin' my abstinence number (102 days as of today!).

However, the way I've been nibbling this n that, I might should add a few things to my binge foods list, like peanut butter, all nuts for that matter, like potato chips, all chips for that matter, like bread and maybe even cheese. These are things I can have around and eat only in moderation. Except now, when I'm singin' the snow n ice blues and cruising the kitchen on a regular basis.

Ice and snow. It's winter. It happens. Get busy, missy! Clean the house! Bead a piece about the blues! Write morning pages! Just do it! And accept. Accept weakness and powerlessness. Weather happens and you can't do a thing to change it. Think serenity rather than food.

Well, there! I guess I told myself a thing or two!

* * * * *

Today's gratitude: fabric (again), dry fire wood, heat tape on our pipes, not having to drive anywhere today.


  1. 102 days! Congratulations! Rather than give yourself an ever-growing list of banned foods, I agree with you that you might be better off just doing something that captures your attention. If I lived out on an island covered in ice and snow, I'd be getting a lot of bead projects done I think, and not a little knitting. And I'd be taking just tons of pictures, even if only through the window. But that's me, PB, and not you. I've found, though, that when I'm working on a creative project I have to be reminded to eat every so often.

  2. It was cold in my little city apartment last night.
    And I got up to find the front door was wide open!
    The wind had blown it open.
    So of course, I shut it.
    And it wasn't so cold.
    Like you said -
    there is almost always something we can do
    to help our situation!
    Good job on the 102 days!
    Very good job.

  3. You talk about slipping and sliding when out for a walk. My husband and I just got these stabililicers
    and they work really well on icy trails in the woods (I live in NH). splurge and fear no more.

  4. What is it about snow-and-ice days that gets us hyper-focused on grazing our way through the cupboard? Good for you for recognizing the pattern!

  5. That's a lot of days! Congratulations. I wonder what would happen to me if I joined OA and had an "official" list of foods from which I would abstain. What I consider trigger foods. The list seems to grow exponentially for me now. That word - power. I think about it. In the context that I have somehow given my power away to food.

  6. Just checking in!
    Saying HI!
    Stay warm, PB!


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