Thursday, January 27, 2011

Note to Myself and My Husband

Let's buy a dozen roses
half pink and half yellow
to celebrate our differences

another time
we can celebrate
our sameness
our many common interests
beliefs and values

but for today
let's honor
our differences

you are intrigued
by gardening
by guns and history
battles and ships
and the past

I am delighted
by beads and fabrics
making art
feeling my feelings
and the present

I am cautious
balking at decisions
you are bold
quickly making your choice

You feel free
to spend money
I get nervous
without a sizable chunk
in savings

You want frequent
verbal contact
I want time
by myself

Can we celebrate
these differences today

Can we value and honor
that our differences
bring sparkle
to our together life


  1. I wonder if you wrote this for him or for you? Not that it matters. But I hope you shared it:)

  2. Hey PB!

    I really like this poem!

    It is peaceful, not combative.

    Can your husband appreciate it?

    Hope so!


  3. Love often to we forget to celebrate the differences.

  4. I really like this poem, Robin. There is no hard and fast rule about relationships - just honoring who we are and celebrating each other for who they are. Differences do make the sparkle happen!

  5. My husband and I were just talking about this the other night, after watching some ad for an online dating service that emphasized how everyone should be looking for someone who has everything in common with them. Aggh! How dull! It's important to have some basic things in common, but the really interesting stuff comes from our differences, our being willing to go off as individuals and do or find something interesting and bring that back with us to the delight of our partner. We've been together some 27 years, and I think it's our differences, maybe more than our similarities, that really keep us together and alive.

  6. From the list of posts in my feeder, yours was the first I read and this lovely poem started my day with a smile. I hope your husband likes it and it serves as a stepping stone for you both.

    ps. I always buy J yellow roses, he always includes a pink roses when he buys me flowers

  7. Terry and I are the epitome of Opposites Attract. The key is to find a common ground and each must let the other be themselves and ajust to the differences. An effort on BOTH sides. Somehow we have met the challenge, but I would admit that I adjust just a little more than he does. I am secure and confident in myself but I don't want to think about a day without him.

    Great to celebrate your differences.

  8. Very good poem, and great metaphor -
    Celebrate difference for sure!
    Do opposites attract?
    And if so, why?
    Or are we attracted to sameness?
    Or is it all just "ego stuff?"

  9. The post, and the one from Sunday, were so touching to me.

    I, too, hope your husband reads this. It shows how much you love, honor and appreciate him, and your life together, and want to celebrate the differences. To value BOTH...

    I loved that last part... feeling that the differences bring "sparkle" to your life together. I never thought of it that way... my husband and I have lots of sparkle!


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