Monday, June 27, 2011

Funny to See Evidence of an Early Start...

My earliest memories of being aware of overeating don't begin until my college years, although I was a chubby gal in 6-8th grades and felt (but didn't really look) huge in HS because of my height.

After my mom died in March, I brought home their collection of old pictures. Looking through some of them last evening turned up two tell-tale signs of an early start to compulsive overeating.

This first one was Thanksgiving dinner in 1943, making me age 1 year and 2 months. It appears to me that dinner may already have been served, but there's yours truly, still at the table, eyes fixed on the bird, intently gnawing on a turkey bone, oblivious to everything else including whoever took the picture.

Here's a closer look at my rapt little face.

And then there's this one, probably taken when I was just under two years old. Again, will you look at the frosting on this face. YUM! I'm guessing I had gotten all I could get from that beater and was telling Mom "I want the other one now."

Yep, if you want to produce a compulsive overeater, start them along the path at an early age!


  1. What cute photos of you!
    Isn't it curious, though, what we see in hindsight. I've got my share of those kinds of memories, too. In fact, just reading this, some automatically popped right into my memories, very vivid!

    At least we are self-aware now, and working to change. :-)

  2. Oh how cute are these:) I was skinny until my senior year of high school when my metabolism changed. But I realize I never had particularly good eating habits as a kid. However, I don't think I had all the issues I have now either! Just chose crap over veggies, for example.

  3. It is "funny" how we are rewarded with pictures and cooing - "Oh, she is so cute - Honey, run and get the camera!"
    Not so funny when it's for real.
    Not so cute when the tigers are real.
    But - now we know better! Thank Goodness!

    [And really, it IS cute!]

  4. Remind me to show you my "licking the mixing bowl" photo sometime. We've all got them, because food is used the way it is used in our society.


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