Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Feeling a Tad Bit Better Today

Walking really helps lift my spirits!

I was having difficulty walking because we generally walk on a dirt road and whenever cars go by they raise a great cloud of dust particles that give me quite a coughing fit. The more times it happenes, the longer the fit and the worse I feel.

We took last Friday - Sunday off, hoping it would help... and it did... a little. Monday we walked on a paved road instead. Duh, why didn't we think of that sooner? Not as pretty a walk and somewhat more difficult because of steepness of the hills. But, with no dust, it went much better. So we did the same today, with almost no coughing as we walked!

Just getting out to walk and having it not be so fitful is a big boost to my moral. Maybe this bug is finally on its way out. I hope!

* * * * *

Reflecting on 257 days of abstinence, over a year of following a pretty healthy food plan through Overeaters Anonymous and nearly 4 years of a regular walking program, I'm thinking about how it all began with an attitude change. I don't even recall what brought about the change, probably many small things that added up at the right time and place. The change was a conscious decision to respect my body.

I'll say it again: I made a conscious decision to respect my body.

Below is a bead piece I did at that time. I found the feather on one of my first walks. The rock-like objects at the bottom are fossilized turtle shell, thousands of years old... gotta respect that! (Click on the picture to enlarge it.) I wrote more about this beadwork and the start of a big change here.

bead embroidery by Robin Atkins, Respect
I wanted to lose weight. I wanted to be more fit. I wanted to like myself. If I had respect for myself (whether real or self-imposed), wouldn't I take care of these things? That was in August, 2007. I started to walk and I joined Weight Watchers on line. The walking stuck; the diet didn't.

It took me over two years of huge yo-yo swings, dieting and gaining it all back three times, before I stumbled onto Holy Hunger, which then got me into OA, the lifeline that keeps me off the yo-yo-coaster.

Reflecting on this today, I realize that I do, finally and authentically, respect my body.

* * * * * * *

Gratitude for today: my quilting girlfriends, fresh salad greens for supper right out of our garden, my husband's to do list, feathers, beads, sleep.


  1. I am pleased that you are beginning to feel a little better. Could you wear one of those painter and decorators masks when you walk. They look silly and are a bit warm on the face but at least you could walk where you choose. A few drops of essential oil on the mask might also help your lungs fight off the infection but I don't know enough about aromour therapy to suggest which to use.

    The best bit about this post (despite the fabulous BJP) is the statement that you finally and authentically respect your body.

    That is an incredible mile stone and you must feel ellated by that feeling.

  2. I'm glad you're starting to gain strength and feel better!

    During the 2009/10 winter, I got a flu that just would not quit. I was ill for months. I'd just think it was over and it would come back.

    In fact, now that I think of it, I ended up developing pneumonial in both lungs and spent a week in the hospital! I"d forgotten that til now. Those months were soooo frustrating!

    I've identified with your struggle during this time and have prayed for you. So, so glad you've been able to get out and walk. :)

    And thank you for reflecting back on your journey. It helped me.


  3. First let me applaud you. On 257 days and 4 years and on making this significant paradigm shift in your thinking. I'm struck, as I think about it, at how very introspective you are and how that comes through in your art and your words and how you live your life. I very much admire this quality about you.

  4. I'm relieved to read you are starting to feel better. :-)

    And that beadwork with the feather... I don't know why, but I am sooo drawn to it. I think if my medium were beading (which I totally love to look at) my work would look much like yours, since I haven't seen one thing you've done that I didn't adore.

    I was also so touched by what you said about respecting your body. As I read your story, and the other post, I realized that sometimes when I am contemplating things for which to give thanks, occasionally I "talk" to my body, like to my heart or liver or feet or whatever, and thank them for hanging in there, and doing such a good job and being so strong, in spite of what I've put them through. Sounds goofy, I know, but I am sincere. I never thought of it in terms of respect...but maybe that is what it is.

    So thank you for sharing this... it helped me, too. :-)

  5. I would love to be able to get some food right from the garden. I think that would be the coolest thing - ever. All that work really pays off!


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