Friday, June 24, 2011

Still Raining & Coughing

Ever hear the expression, Hope springs eternal in the female breast? So it is with mine. This morning the Med Clinic called after a radiologist looked at my X-rays. Said he detected a strip of pneumonia in my left lung and wants me to begin a 10-day antibiotic prescription.

$175 visit to the pharmacy some hours later, and I'm on the treatment plan! Taking the prednisone as well. OK, chemicals, do your thing and let me move on.... back to no prescription meds... please!

No energy, maybe a tad less coughing today, not doing much, hanging in there. No energy to read much or to do any of my art projects. Maybe tomorrow, eh?

Had a little burst of energy this morning during which I cleaned the kitchen sink, counters and stove top. Badly needed and very cheering to have it done.

Have to eat full meal for breakfast so I can take the prednisone on a full tummy. Not easy for me. I generally just have coffee with milk and 9 fiber-rich crackers. Toast and eggs seemed awfully heavy this morning. Plus I ate a bit more during the day than I generally do. Regular dinner, no problems there. Tomorrow I'll try just one egg and one piece of toast. Don't want to feel like a sausage in my new jeans!

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Gratitude for the day: Doctors who care, rain flowing into our cisterns, Dirt, A Movie, and people who preserve and add to the earth's dirt, sleep, dreams (even the druggy ones), privacy, sight, clean sinks, OA meeting tomorrow morning


  1. Sending you big healing hugs, Robin! I hope you get lots of rest, and your body finally gets all recovered.

  2. I hope you'll be feeling much better soon. Pneumonia! Well, no surprise the coughing wouldn't leave and your energy was low. How lucky they caught this and called, so you didn't have to go in. Pneumonia takes a long time to heal on it's own.

    Having taken predinsone for a long time for asthma, I can tell you that you don't need a FULL stomach, but a decent, comfortable amount of food. It can cause problems on an empty stomach, though.

    I can't believe it's $175 for antibiotics and pred! I'd be having to rely on my wonderful, natural healing abilities, I'm afraid.

  3. I'm pleased they now know the problem and can treat that. Hopefully this is the end of the cough.

    Lots of people moan about the prescription costs in the UK but $175 puts it into a different perspective.

    Take good care of yourself and get well soon, now.

    ps I had a very disturbing dream this morning that hasn't left me yet!

  4. Maybe now you can finally get better!

  5. Nurse here..I've been thinking you had probably slid in to the pneumonia category but I didn't know what all you were doing to get treatment. Let me give you my pneumonia speech (blog style)--in my job I literally call and do followup calls to patients we have that get pneumonia. It comes back even when you do everything right. It's hard to get this stuff to go away. You may find that it comes back next year to the exact month or even next month to the exact week. (I'm serious I have recurring patients who are otherwise healthy but get this tricky pneumonia stuff.)

    But for right now, absolutely take the entire prescription of meds. You may be really fatigued and need to take naps and need a couple of weeks to recover. Chicken soup isn't a bad thing either. (the people I talk to who don't follow my advice on the rest are often the ones that relapse-I should do a research study).

    If you get worse, or short of breath or develop a fever even on the meds..go to the doc. The pneumonias we are seeing are recurring and sometimes it inflames the lining of the heart -pericarditis to boot. Ok that sounded scary, but that's reality. Oh and I should say that the only patients I follow are the ones that are hospitalized. I'm sure there are scores that don't require hospital stays , but this might be just the very worst cases that I deal with.

    Thanks for you loving support and take time to take care of yourself.

    Oh and I know you live on an island so this may not be available, but many many antibiotics and basic meds are cheaper to buy at Walmart or Target paying out of pocket than using insurance and going through a mainstream pharmacy. I even do that and avoid my insurance because the copays are cheaper in some cases.

  6. Please be easy on yourself. Your body & soul deserve it. No cramping into you new jeans, just a healthier version of you.

  7. so glad this was diagnosed and your on some ATBs. It may take a while for your energy to return, but you'll be good to go after that. :)

    Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and comment. I appreciate it very much.

    Praying for you, too.


  8. I'll be thinking of you and sending some healing energy your way this week...

  9. Thinking of you and sending some healing energy and "hope" from the islands, too. Take good care of yourself, you mean the world to so many. Hugs, Peg


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