Friday, January 11, 2013

Confusion and Food

In my present state of confusion and uncertainty, food is ever more attractive. The kitchen calls me, loud and insistent. "Come! I will comfort you! I will fill the empty, lonely, sad place in your heart."

I make tea, thinking that will help. Normally I add a little splenda to my black tea. These days, the kitchen offers honey... ooooh, gooey, sweet... even more will be better.

I notice, reading PJ's recent post, that I'm not alone in being lured by a voice that says, "Restaurant food is better! You need pizza tonight. Pizza will help." Tonight however, my HP guided me to my own refrigerator, where I found left-over pea, bean, veggie, ham soup, which was totally delicious and much better than restaurant pizza. Thank you HP.

The group consciousness of the readers/commenters to Words Paint and writers of other related blogs helps too. I am so grateful for the comments to my previous post. There were many helpful ideas and a sense of support that has helped me immeasurably, both with taking baby steps and with the siren song of food.

In the past week, many other angels buoyed my spirits as well...
  • friends who listen and share their thoughts
  • my sister-in-law who suggests I go on the internet and read about the signs of verbal abuse and label myself as a victim of it
  • a real estate agent, previously unknown to me, who is gentle, accepting and understanding
  • my longest time friend, who listens so well
  • my OA group which is a special source of wisdom and calm
I will share more of the ongoing process in a later post. But for now, I just want to voice my gratitude for readers, HP, and the angels mentioned above.


  1. For what it's worth, honey is FAR better for you than splenda, which is basically sugar and chlorine.

    I'm glad you have so much support in your life right now! It makes a difference when you have friends who are on your side.

    Best of luck with all your changes, Peacefulbird!

  2. OMGosh...I hear that restaurant/fast food call so often on my way home from work. I drive the straight path and keep my hand off the turn signal.

    You know all the tricks. It seems you are getting your focus back. It seems you have done some research. Envision what you don't really want to eat (not using that word shouldn't here) as a snake waiting to drop his fangs in your hand the moment you touch it. Show him who's boss.
    Much power to you.
    xx, Carol

  3. Its amazing how this blot journey can offer so much support. Certainly a new way for our Hp to connect us with people like u and oj. Tho I don't always comment I read faithfully as it supports me always


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