Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Feeling Better Today

Lists please me... so here's my list for today: Things That Make Me Feel Better Today
  1. Seeing pictures of all the beautiful and creative beaded projects being made by women in this year's Bead Journal Project! My creative energy is either at an all-time low, or it's being absorbed into making choices. Seeing BJP beadwork makes me feel happy and inspired... a glimmer of my muse is back!
  2. Walking this morning. Very low fog this morning, the woods shrouded in mist, a soft silence all around me. Loved it.
  3. Blueprint of my new home to be... Yesterday, I took a small floor plan of my new home to a copy/printer place, and had it enlarged to 17 x 22 inches. WOW! It's so fun to see it big like that. I'm going to measure furnishings and make little scale representations so I can play with the layout, especially of my studio stuff, before I get it over there.
  4. Thinking about a furniture recon trip on Monday. When I moved out of my home of 24 years and into the very small (and already filled) home of my husband, I gave away or sold a lot of my furniture. For my new digs, I'll need a dining room table and chairs, a bed, a sofa, a small easy chair, a couple of floor lamps, and more over time. On Monday, I'm going off island to shop for these things... probably won't actually buy yet, but it will be fun to look and fun to anticipate having new stuff, especially since I've always furnished in used, self-finished, or make-shift pieces, fondly called eclectic.
I like this table!
Yesterday was hard, signing the divorce papers, making it "official." I went to bed feeling sorry for myself, and had weird dreams about not being able to find my friends and getting lost. But now, at 3:04 in the afternoon on Wednesday, Feb. 30, 2013, life seems pretty good.


  1. There will be lots of moments..all filled with feelings and experiences...

    Enjoy and learn from them all...much love.

    PS have missed you too!

  2. Your friends are here. Lots of new changes for you, some of which could be really fun. xoxox

  3. Making a list of what give you joy each day is a perfect exercise in recovering. If you look for the joy in each day, there won't be much room for the sorrowful. When I needed a nudge to get back on the positive thinking path, my friend reminded me that positive emotions keep each other company. I suspect if you continue a daily list, it will become longer each day.

  4. Wish I could have taken that walk with you :-) I commented on your last post but it seems not to have made it into the blogoshere! Never mind.

    I imagine that your feelings will be up and down over the coming weeks. We are here with you in spirit if not actually there with you.


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