Monday, July 26, 2010

100 Days

Today would have been day 100 of abstinence if I hadn't put my hand out to receive an ice cream cone on day 77. Because of that, I set my counter back to zero. On my second try, I'm at day 23, making a total of 100 days of following my food plan and staying abstinent from my binge foods.

To celebrate a total of 100 days on the job (77+23), I'm going to write one of my 10-things lists...

Ten Things About 100 Days of Abstinence
  1. It's been much easier than I thought it would be.
  2. I rarely obsess or even think about what I'm going or not going to eat.
  3. I feel more calm than I have for a long time.
  4. I seem to get more done and have a tad more energy.
  5. I'm starting to be more aware of my feelings and to be able to name them.
  6. I look forward to the weekly OA meetings.
  7. I think I can continue doing this for another 100 days.
  8. However, I will still try to take it just one day at a time.
  9. It feels as though a more honest me is emerging.
  10. I started at size 18 jeans and now my 14s are starting to feel a bit baggy.

Ten MORE Things About 100 Days of Abstinence

  1. Dropping sizes is good, but the real reward is the return to a foundation of sanity.
  2. I've only felt a strong urge to have binge foods one or two times.
  3. I cheat a little with my food plan by having a taste or nibble now and then while preparing meals.
  4. I have to keep a wary eye on nibbling and tasting. Right now I'm being lenient about it, but that may need to change.
  5. I've started taking better care of myself in other ways, such as doing arm exercises.
  6. I believe the 12-step program is an important part of making this a life change. I am working on step 4 using an event writing method suggested by a member of my OA group. It takes a lot of time.
  7. I haven't weighed myself at all, not even on day one. My "no scale" policy is working very well for me.
  8. Writing this blog is very helpful in understanding and placing value on my food addiction recovery process.
  9. Reading other recovery blogs and exchanging comments is inspirational, instructive and motivating for me.
  10. I got tears in my eyes at Saturday's OA meeting. I rarely cry (once or twice a year?) and never in public.

Re-reading my two lists, I'd have to give this period of time at least 5 bright, optimistic stars!


  1. And a gold star from me.

    Congratulations on reaching day 100 on your journey. I think that you have done, and continue to do amazingly well.

  2. I loved reading this! Hope and accomplishment shine through:) Yes, there are some things that remind me of my own little "cheating" - but the overall is very positive and impressive and inspiring. I think the point that most hit me was the very first one you listed. Number 7 - I think you can too:) Can't wait to see what great things you say with your next milestone.

  3. There is a lot of victory on this page and a lot of inspiration. You are building new muscles literally and figuratively.

  4. Wow, PB, this is awesome! What growth as you shrink! With your first sentence, I thought, "Oh, no, she's going to beat herself up about that darn ice cream cone!"

    You fooled me!! Thanks!!

    I'm still thinking about "what is thin to me?" I feel like I have to write an essay for a final exam or something.....

  5. And another gold star from me! You've had an amazing ride so far!

    The no-scale rule worked for me too (still does). It's freeing, actually, to do the right things just because they're the right things to do. :)

    and yaaay for baggy pants!

  6. BRAVO!!!!! Good for you for letting yourself have this 100 days feeling. You have accomplished such a lot, and in a relatively short time. I agree that no-scale is the best way to go. An arbitrary number is no way to measure progress -- it's all about how you feel. Way to go, Peacefulbird!

  7. I think the no scale thing is great and the baggy clothes are the best indicator of your success. Sounds like you are doing it the sane and lifelong way!

  8. I am so inspired by the serenity you are experiencing...

  9. Wow - I am loving the way you write!
    Thanks for all that you share.


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