Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Beginnings

thinking about new beginnings
a time when many set their goals
and take baby steps toward change

what do I want to change in 2011

my hands still
keyboard silent for a long time

what might I want to change in 2011

oh, that's a better question

I might want to lighten my load
give up many many possessions
work on reducing the clutter

I might want to let generosity
gain a stronger foothold
less hoarding more giving

I might want to be kind to my body
daily arm toning
daily clam shells to strengthen hips

I might want to let go of angst
oh there's a good one
use mindfulness and serenity prayer

I'm not good a goals
never have been
may this poem be a new beginning


  1. Hi Robin
    Funny play on words

    What I Might Want To Do or
    What I Might Do

    Might Want sets the goals farther away.

    Its a good list. I'll be 60 this year and have already started to declutter. It takes a change in mindset. Not easy, for sure.

    I found the Serenity Prayer about 12 years ago, when I tried a 10 step program. It can be a life saver if you really live it.

    Happy New Year and lifting my cuppa in toast to New Beginnings.
    xx, Carol

  2. I am not good with goals either. What I love about yours is that they are about you and how you live your life and the person you are. And not just resolutions to lose weight, as so many of us make this time of year.

  3. Beautiful...that word MIGHT...but why do we waiver to the this or that..what about might as in resolve or mighty..take that thought with the same statement

    what might I want to change in 2011

    What MIGHT......I want to change in 2011...as amazing as you are and your beautiful prose!

  4. Evening greetings to you, my thought-felt friend PB...

    Had a couple thoughts reading this tonight. I'm thinking that "what do I want" is more of a commitment type of question. As if what you typed in response might instantly be set in stone. And I'm thinking that "what *might* I want" is a question that leaves more room for changing ones mind, like rolling with the outcomes that will then create their own new questions.

    Which brought to mind that I don't think it matters to be definite OR fluid really. I'm thinking what matters most is to remain mindful of wanting.

    As always, a HUGE hug to you.

  5. PBird
    A great way to rephrase the concept
    and get rid of the resistance!
    And goals?
    I was once pretending to be
    really competitive,
    But my little heart wasn't in it.
    So yeah, I'm no good at goals, either.
    Call them something else,
    and I might be!
    Your list is good!
    Toning is my main physical activity
    most days.... that and walking!


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