Friday, December 17, 2010

New Refrigerator!

We had the local power company do an Energy Audit on our home in September. Interesting! Our results were mostly positive, except for one remaining single-pane window and our ancient refrigerator. A new, energy-efficient refrigerator, they told us, would pay for itself in 2-3 years in electric bill savings.

A window is on order, with installation scheduled for next week. And today, oh wonderful day, our new refrigerator was delivered!

How I can be so excited about a refrigerator to want to blog about it? I don't know. It's a simple thing... no ice maker or filtered water-spigot, single door. But it does have a bottom, pull-out drawer-type freezer, which means no more on-my-knees to get veggies, salad stuff and left-overs from the lower shelves, no more bumping my head on the upper freezer compartment when I've stooped and leaned inside to get things from the upper shelves. Here's a picture of our new baby! We got the brushed-stainless steel model.

It's so darn sensible to put the freezer on the bottom and make it a drawer!!!! I get into the cooler part at least 5 times a day, maybe 10. I only open the freezer part 1 or 2 times a day, often not at all. So doesn't it make sense to put the more often used part at standing height rather than stooping or kneeling height? You bet it does! The pull-out freezer drawer doesn't have as much storage space as our old unit, but it's really easy to see what's in there and to get stuff out.

My husband said we should put a big, red bow on it, because it's our Christmas present to ourselves. So I did. Very cute! Know what? I love our new refrigerator!


  1. Not silly at all to be so excited about a refrigerator....I felt the same way about my new wash machine last month

  2. Heh, that's waaaay cool because not only is it fabu to have a ***NEW*** refrig but yours & mine are almost exactly alike and I've probably never mentioned it before but I ADORE my refrigerator....CONGRATS!!!!

  3. Hi PB!!

    Wow, that is amazing that you can pay for a new refrig in utility bill savings in that short of a time period!

    What is it about a new appliance? The smell? The new organization features? Irresistable!

    Enjoy! And, happy holidays!



  4. Congratulations! A new 'frige is great! I got my big, black energy star refrigerator a few years ago when we still had money. When we moved to this little house, we brought it with us, along with our steel gas stove. My husband wasn't sure we needed a large model, but it is so much easier to store foods and then actually be able to find them and reach them in there, which is great for left-overs and big batches of sauce or soups. Our freezer's on the top, which we prefer. And, yes, after 7 years, I STILL love my refrigerator!

  5. I get it! I'd love a new one:) Stainless with french doors and a pull out freezer drawer. Then I'd have to change all my old, ugly white appliances to match. Cha-ching.

  6. Oooh, shiny! Pretty!

    And now I know that at least one person will understand when I devote an entire blog post to my soon-to-be new dishwasher. :)

  7. You won't get anything but support from me about loving new appliances!


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