Friday, September 16, 2011

Writing and Eating

Been writing and eating all day. Many calories. No binge foods. Not the foods that make me feel crazy because of my binging behaviors. Just a little too much of everything and too many snacks and high calorie foods, like pizza.

Writing goes with eating. Always has for me. The tougher the writing task, the more it "helps" to eat. Food in... words out. Seems to work. Today I got the instructions for two projects wrapped up. That's good progress on two rather difficult projects. Bad news is jeans feel really tight. I do not want to go back up a size. If I keep eating and writing, there won't be a choice.

I must keep writing... 35 projects yet to go.

Therefore, the eating needs to change. I can not seem to control it. Duh! Why can't I accept that, like I've accepted it with my binge foods? Forget the word "seem." I flat out can not control it. So, help me, I can not.

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Gratitude for today: green frog sighting in the garden, delicious vegetable dish for dinner (all from garden!), beads


  1. I really do understand... I used to have that same pattern. I loved to stay up till the wee hours, all night sometimes, and paint and snack, paint and snack. In fact, that's one main reason I'm slowly changing my hours, and now go to bed "around" midnite.

    If you had the time, I'd suggest reading a book called "Wheat Belly"... but you don't, so I won't. ;-)

    In a nutshell, Dr Davis tells why wheat (and anything that contains it) will be totally addictive for some people, and make it horribly hard to resist; how our current wheat has been genetically altered, and what that does to us... and much more.

    Perhaps you could you do an experiment that won't take any time?? Go wheat free for 2 weeks... eat whatever you want (minus your personal binge foods I know you abstain from), and just see how you feel. You might feel bad a couple of days or so as the wheat effects leaves your system, but after that you might be surprised that the compulsions let up greatly.

    It's just an idea, offered because I care, and I AM reading the book. An eye opener, for sure!

    May your writing flow peacefully.

  2. For me, it is reading and eating. Pick up a book, pick up a snack. This is a bigggg part of why I don't read books nearly as much as I used to. (The other part is that I am reading so many blogs instead!)

    I wonder if you can find something to substitute. Like... chewing gum. Or even sucking on lollipops or hard candy that give you the oral gratification but take a lot of time to finish. Or drink something, like a flavored tea.

    You have been so strong with abstaining. Maybe you can add to your list this action, not a food, but the idea of no eating while writing. Or make certain foods off limits while writing, sticking to the low-calorie ones like veggies. Sit there with a plate of carrots instead of whatever it is you are eating.


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