Monday, September 19, 2011

Urge to Eat is on Me... Right NOW!

Time out from book work for Peaceful Bird to have a chat with self in Words Paint.... Been working all morning on the book. Not writing. Haven't tried that yet. But have been working with the project pictures in Photoshop. It's tedious work. Not very creative. I take a dark picture, work levels and brightness until the subject matter looks good. Then I fix blemishes, mostly with the rubber stamp. Next, I fix the dark corners that my sweet little camera always has when doing macro photography. Then comes the hard, woefully time-consuming, and boring part... I add a layer and use it to get rid of the background, so the subject (beads) are on a perfectly white background, yet have sharp edges. Sometimes the process takes 3 or more hours for one photo. Who knew I was signing up for this when I took on the book?

I hear the resentment and entitlement in my own voice. Yep. Resenting the time it takes to do this work. Resenting the boredom I feel while I'm doing it. Resentment begets feelings of entitlement and feelings of entitlement send me right to the kitchen... If I have to do this then I should get that (that being food, of course). Let's examine the wisdom of allowing resentment into this otherwise productive day...

What if I choose to look at gratitude instead? What if I make a gratitude list surrounding my work so far this morning? OK, here we go again... 10 Things for which I feel gratitude regarding my work this morning:
  1. I've been able to figure out how to use Photoshop to fix photos.
  2. My fingers, particularly right-index finger, are not aching today (arthritis in hiding).
  3. The pictures look really good when I finish them.
  4. I had a nice break and took a walk up the hill to the mail box.
  5. Robert rubbed my shoulders for a few moments.
  6. My back isn't hurting too much today.
  7. In a couple more hours, I'll get to check one series of step-out photos off my list!
  8. Good sleep last night. Feeling rested today.
  9. Coffee tastes good. Enjoyed my morning coffee.
  10. Computer is working well today.
OK, well that feels better. I don't feel quite so resentful now. Good idea to come here and write. Maybe I won't have to visit the kitchen after all. Ha!

+ + + + + + + + +
Gratitude for today: 10 Things Lists, my friend Liz (who started me making 10 Things Lists), sunshine, crisp fall air, all flowers, driftwood, support of readers of WP.


  1. Way to go!!! Maybe Ill try that when I feel entitled to eat a lot of ice cream because I've worked a long day or because I have not felt appreciated. It helps me when you write. Thank you for writing today!

  2. I've read so often that an attitude of gratitude can be powerfully transforming... and you just proved it, yet again. I'm glad for you. :-)


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