Saturday, October 9, 2010

Road Trip Report ~ I'm in LOVE!!!!

time on my hands
don't feel like reading
or knitting
or beading

solitude of being
produces much thought
so two posts today

I'm in love
with many lovers
all of them giants
all of them majestic
all of them powerful

in early morning light
I walked among them
their sweet voices
whispering love songs
their arms outstretched
dancing in circles

enchanted and in awe
filled with gratitude
under their spell
I took picture after picture
could not stop
could not get my fill of them

there on a dirt track
through the rolling hills
of middle Montana
just west of Shelby
there I fell in love
(as though I weren't already)
with the wind giants
immensely tall
slowly turning
wind turbines
generating power

much later
after tearing myself
away from my lovers
I ate breakfast
at the Hwy 2 Cafe
a charming little place
with a vast collection
of antique plates
on the walls
also pastel drawings
one of them
depicting my lovers

taking a picture
of the drawing
generated a discussion
with three old timers
having breakfast
at a nearby table
one of them is 101 years old
and still quite spry

I love these wind machines,
I tell them
yes, they say

I tell them I wish
for money to invest
in the company
that manufactures them

says one of them
too expensive
much too expensive
hydro's the thing
invest in hydro

yes, I say
the infra-structure's expensive
but after that
wind is free
and there's no harm
to the environment
(maybe to a few birds
maybe not)

hydro, he says firmly

his buddy says
he's a retired commissioner
of the local hydro-electric company

well then
he knows a thing or two
about power

never-the-less, I say
wind is everywhere
wind is the future of power
and dagnabitall
I'm in love with the giants


Sorry I don't have a way to download my pictures while on the road... so for now it's just word pictures... but never fear, once home, I'll select some to post. Question: better to insert them in the previous posts at relevant points OR better to put them all in a new post???


  1. One of the best things about being on the road is talking with strangers. There's an ease to it because nobody knows nobody. We don't get too much of that on our little islands - I miss it. I miss it IMMENSELY sometimes. I like being a somebody that nobody knows.

    About those turbines...back in my other life in CA, we had such giants at a place called Altamont Pass. Spent a bit of time there photographing, just the way you described your time. I hadn't thought about them in ages. They are difficult to describe...all that stately whoooshing... but you have done it beautifully!

    Re your last question: new post with links back to places *on the road* :>]] Keep traveling safe, friend.

  2. Your words paint the pictures nicely... I agree with new post with links back to the day on the road!

  3. Wind, wave and sun...I hope they will be our major energy sources of the future...glad you are enjoying your trip!

  4. I agree... new post. Your words ARE pictures:)

  5. As Karen said, your words are pictures but I would like to see the pictures when you are able to post them and I agree that a new post with links back would be good.

    I find these majestic giants comforting, reassuring.

  6. New post with plenty of tags!!
    We have a few around here. $25000 each!! What the heck. How much stimulous $$ went to building factories to make them. Doesn't matter because the electric grid can't handle them yet. My friend bought one for his farm. He uses no electricity. He COULD sell it back buy thats not an option here. He maintains a credit for a certain length of time.

    Post pictures!! Lots of them. Some people don't even know about these giants that I see as an answer to some of our dependancy.
    Sorry, I get politically passionate sometimes. ~lol~

  7. I've just caught up on all your posts from the road. You are having a wonderful journey! And I agree, too, that a new post for pics, with tags or links, or even without, would be best. I remember driving through Altamont Pass and seeing all the wind turbines. They really do look wonderful, but they hurt and kill a great many birds, so I hope that some way is found to warn birds off and away. Me, I tend to favor solar, which is completely passive and doesn't crunch up our fellow creatures.

  8. The windmills (as we call them) are still turning on the Altamont Pass - I live nearby. Love them too. I was also enchanted to see a field of them as I approached my parent's new home in Palm Desert.

    Love travelling, too. Love seeing new things, talking with people, the curve of the landscape and the color of the sky in different parts of the country.


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