Thursday, October 14, 2010

Road Trip Pictures ~ Giants

Since my original intent regarding this blog was to keep it centered on recovery, not about attracting readers, not about pictures, tutorials, awards or giveaways, I'm feeling a little conflicted about posting pictures from my recent solo road trip. On the other hand, who would want to see them if not the few who have followed my quest, my journey of 4,046 miles, here on this blog?

At least I must post pictures of the wind turbines, my new lovers, the giants who bewitched me as I drove both east and west. So here they are, along with a few pictures of the oil drilling business, also mentioned in my posts here and here. All pictures are click-to-enlarge.

wind generators at wild horse, WA

giants in the dawn, first day on the road
Washington state, East of Ellensburg
see the car?

wind generators at wild horse, WA
each giant stands 351 feet tall
and weighs 223 tons
rotor blades, I call them wings,
are 129 feet long
and weigh 7 tons each

wind turbine, hauling a 7-ton wing
hauling a wing
me chasing, stalking
lead and follow cars
wondering about me
passing them
lurking at the next town
waiting for another photo op

wind turbine, hauling a section of 221-foot tower
24-wheel trailer!
would you say
this tower is big and heavy?
base is 13 feet wide
compare to size of red truck

wind turbine, hauling a section of 221-foot tower
as big as a building

oil drilling rigs, ND
old-time oil rigs
reminding me of birds pecking
in horse pastures and farms
scattered across northeastern Montanna

oil drilling rig, ND
new oil developments
building rigs like these
black, noisy and
nearly as high as wind turbines
laying pipes
employment boom
hotels and motels
all display no vacancy signs

oil drilling equipment
heading east from Shelby, Mt
going to work
there's oil to be drilled

oil drilling equipment
more oil fellas
going to work

personal car of oil drilling worker
nearly all the cars
at the motel
looked like this
oil workers
looked like this too
motel posted a sign on the door
"take off your boots
before entering"

oil pipeline, ND
miles and miles
of pipelines
being laid
farms and oil wells

wind turbines, MT, dawn
ah, the beauty
and nearly silent whisper
of wind turbines
dawn patrol
this time near
Cut Bank Montanna

wind turbines, Cut Bank MT
walking among them
filling me
with joy and wonder

wind turbines, Cut Bank MT
newer designs
turn more slowly
safer for birds

hwy2cafe, Cut Bank, MT
breakfast at
Hwy 2 Cafe
Cut Bank, MT
my favorite
restaurant meal
on hot cake
no syrup needed
bacon crisp

hwy2cafe, Cut Bank, MT
antique plate collection
all around the room
chalk drawing
of my beloveds


  1. Thank you for sharing the pictures. I like to think that those gentle giants were watching over you on your journey. I can't imagine doing all that driving alone.

    Does the inclusion of pictures mean that you are home?

  2. I enjoyed the pictures and I enjoyed your road trip poetry:)

  3. Love the cafe chalk drawings and the photos of the wind turbines...I had absolutely no idea they were so large!

  4. Thanks for the wonderful pictures! They're all interesting, but my favorite is that breakfast counter. Mmmmm! Cinnamon rolls!

    If you feel conflicted about posting a lot of pictures here, couldn't you just put them up on a Flickr site and post a link? I know I'm longing to see the more!


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