Wednesday, October 6, 2010

On the Road Again....

on the road again
solitude of being

driving west
this time not on the freeway
slowing down
way down
for small towns
and farm equipment on the roads
pulling over
to view a grove of birch
white bark gleaming and
yellow leaves twittering
in the magnificent sunlight
stopping at little visitor centers
is there anything I should see
in these parts

hard to say goodby
sad to leave Mom's room
blowing her kisses
her sweet little stuffed kitty
clutched firmly in her arms

my brother asked me to stay
said they'd love to have me
through the weekend
when they'd be off work
and we'd have time to play

but solitude of being
was calling me
the call stronger
than the desire
to stay longer
in the warmth
of my extended family

pausing for a moment
on the fence
stay or go

then I knew it was time
time to get in the car again
and head west


  1. Wow - be careful driving - take your time -
    And enjoy!

  2. Sometimes the call of home is the strongest of all...and sometimes the call to roam. I'm so glad you're getting to feel both this trip.

    (and the word verification is suprest...eerie!)

  3. Ahhh... Driving off the freeway through the little towns and past the farms. That is the very best way to travel!

    I know what you mean about it just being time to go, and that call of solitude. It just has to be honored.

    I'm glad your visit went well and you were able to connect with your mom and family. Enjoy your drive home. This is a special time!


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