Sunday, October 17, 2010

Soothing Myself...

nobody there for our OA meeting
this morning
nobody but me
room dark and locked

feeling sad about that
looking forward to the fellowship
and wanting to talk
wanting to tell them
about listening to the big book
about struggles
with sticking to my food plan
about how I missed them
the past three weeks

our marriage counselor
told us we both need to learn
how to soothe ourselves

used to be easy
easy as a couple of cookies,
a piece of cheesecake,
a nice sweet treat

so I'm standing by myself
on the sidewalk
near the AA/OA meeting room
asking myself
how can I soothe myself

into my mind pops the thought
I could call my quilting friend
invite myself to her house
for a knitting/stitching bee

hot tea
a big hug
sympathy and understanding
then we settle down
she stitching
me knitting

and later for lunch
we make a concoction
with canned pumpkin
pumpkin pie spices
plain yogurt
a little brown sugar
and pecans
comfort food
comfort companion
comfort activity

ah, life is much better now!


  1. Dear Peacefulbird,

    I hope you did get some lovely, comforting time with your quilting friend in the end.

    Be assured that many friends are with you in spirit all the time - maybe this thought helps.

  2. Where was everyone? In the end, maybe this was even better... finding out you could do this.

  3. That's great!
    I think it's about changing our thinking about food- for sure.
    But also, on a deeper level, changing our thinking about ourselves!
    And what we can do when we learn to improvise!
    We're like Columbus here, without a map.
    Feels like we might fall of the edge of a (not) flat earth!

    Exciting - yet very soothing! And true.

  4. thay is what all my blathering about self care is all about too...I think we know how, just don't remember to. I have some of that pumpkin yogurt mix in my fridge.

  5. I am so glad that you found what you needed by sharing time with a friend. So glad.

    My current situation has me wondering about the relationship between food and "feel good". Since I can't eat much of anything right now, I eat when my body is telling me I HAVE to. I feel fine...great mentally. So why did I overeat .. binge before. Interesting.

  6. THAT is major...BIG...SO, SO...proud of YOU!

  7. Dear Peacefulbird,

    Yay for you! You found that beneath your panic is that Wise Inner Knowing who can guide you to just what you need. She's only a breath or two away.

    This is what I meant in my comment on your last post about our home being within. And your handwork, your art, your expression of beauty...always healing.

    Inner Guidance is always there. Always.

    Big hugs OOOOOOOOO

  8. So an empty day turned into a day full of warmth and comfort. Yay, you! I'm a big fan of taking comfort in the simple joys of life, and I'm so happy you found that, too. And I'm very glad you're feeling better.

  9. Oh, I'm sorry your meeting was empty...but good for YOU for figuring out what exactly you needed for comfort and figuring out a healthy (and fun!) way to get it.


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