Tuesday, September 21, 2010


today was
my birthday
number 68

so many things
I could write
about today

I had lots of trouble
feeling my feelings

don't want to tell
about some things
that happened today
don't want to dwell
on the difficult parts of the day
or even mention them

compared to some years
this birthday wasn't too bad

it's probably the only
birthday in my entire life
that I didn't have
cake or some other
special confection

even when dieting
I always made an exception
on my birthday

not feeling deprived
not feeling disappointed
about not having cake
don't miss the candles
not in the least

four sweet things
that happened today

returning home
from celebratory dinner
to a phone message
from a dear friend
one I don't see very often
who in her soft way
sang happy birthday
to me

hilarious birthday card
from my husband
waiting on the table
when I got up
sweet inscription
cash contribution
toward road trip enjoyment
happy way to start the day

dining out
with my brother
his wife
and my husband
birthday treat from bro
sitting outside
overlooking the harbor
back-lit clouds
tasty meal and
a few good laughs

before dinner
we walked along a trail
in whale watch park
it's a little late in the season
to see whales
even our resident pod
of orcas
and the others are
migrating south by now
yet there they were
headed north
traveling more on the surface
than usual
breaching, blowing, arching
I held out my hands
and exchanged energy
with them

all in all
a good start
to being 68


  1. Happy Birthday, Robin.

    I too am a Virgo (just, born on the cusp with Libra), which may be why I see so many similarities between us.

    I love the 'sweet' treats you had and am proud of you for stitching to your plan, even on your birthday.

    Hope you find a way to deal with the issues, perhaps write yourself 10 things, that seems to work well for you.

  2. I'm Virgo too. My birthday was last Sat.
    happy Birthday to you. Sounds like you had a nice day and didn't do anything you would be unhappy about later :)

  3. Dear Robin, watching your whales, good company, friends remembering it was a special day, your husband making sure that you started the day with his greeting...wonderful things to remember and over-ride anything you would rather not.

    And the power and energy gained in knowing that you continue to calendar abstinence after passing a traditional milestone.


  4. So glad you had a good Birthday!
    A no-cake birthday!
    You're sweet enough without it!

  5. happy birthday...it really is about so much more than cake. Mine is next week.

  6. Happy birthday. Here's to the best year yet:)

  7. Robin,
    Sharing the energy with those whales is quite a birthday gift in my book!
    You are so strong...it's an inspiration!
    Enjoy you trip back east and sing some Dylan for me, too! Even a bit of Janis if ya feel it!
    Big Hugs!

  8. So glad you had some lovely experiences on your birthday and with family and friends around.
    big hugs to the little birthday girl...

  9. My dear PB, I think the gift you gave yourself (abstinence) was the greatest gift of all...followed closely by the gift of whale salutations, ooooh my! A very good start indeed :>D

    (a belated) HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my jewel of a friend...and when you return from road tripping, we must have a little celebration of our own!

  10. Happy Birthday. Your birthday treat was not having to have a birthday "treat" to enjoy your birthday.

  11. Happy Birthday, Peacefulbird! I'm glad it was a good one. Here's to many more!

  12. Belated birthday wishes! It sounds heavenly!

  13. Happy 68th, PB! I really dig those whales.... Would like a pod of my own.

    Very many happy returns, Ms. Poet!

  14. Happy Belated Birthday, Robin! I think you must be on your road trip by now and I'm enjoying the thought of you, all independent and singing rock and roll, moving across America and thinking and feeling your feelings. More power to you! And size 12, too!


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