Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Island Where I Live... Pictures

as summer passes
bark of our madrona trees
cracks and peels
revealing new bark
lime green under rusty orange
hearlding fall

little nubs on buck's head
become branches of power
fall... rutting season

one hundred feet
up a trail from our house
is the studio
where we play with our art
and house our guests

our little house
more like a cabin
small, rustic, quaint
chucka-block with our stuff

sometimes I decorate the deck
at Christmas time

couple of snowstorms each winter
not bad usually
sometimes we're held house-captive
for a few days

our cat isn't too sure about snow
each winter it's the same
very tentative at first

our upper deck
off the bedroom
gives a great view
down a sloping hillside
to a grove of fir trees

my husband loves old rusty things
they are sculptures on our property
here's an old fire hose
the morning after a big snow

colorful Madrona trees
make bright orange berries
food for many birds

sometimes from a small airplane
the whole island looks orange

lots of exciting storms
in the early spring
yeah, lots of rain too

moss and wildflowers
grace the land every spring
these are shooting stars

and these are meadow camas

I love these
dainty little twin flowers
woodland fairies

twin fawns too...
we get a set of these
nearly every spring
we watch them from
our kitchen window

no gardening for us
we don't want fences
and these hungry pups
will eat anything

several alpaca farms on the island

early sign of summer
ocean spray everywhere
along our roads

house wrens
sometimes raise two families

our cat surveys
her world
from our deck railing
a favorite perch

wishful thinking
but more than that
we had to stop feeding the hummers
because she's so fast

can't beleive I took this picture
right off the west side of our island
where three pods of Orcas
make daily fish runs
all summer long

gleaming glacier across the channel
as we round a bend on the road
Mt. Baker!

ferry to and from the mainland
our nautical highways
four or five round trips per day
depending on the season

thanks for encouraging me
it seemed such a difficult task
to round up pictures from
many different files
and make some sense out of them
but now I'm happy


  1. What wonderful 'windows' to the world you have!!! A beautiful setting!

  2. Yes, Robbie... I am indeed fortunate
    thirteen years here
    on our five acres
    atop the rock
    big time blessing
    spoiled rotten...
    I'll never again
    live in a big city

  3. I kept scrolling down saying, "Ohhhhh....ohhhhhh....ohhhhhh....." I want to live in that cottage! I want to see those whales! And the glacier!


    What a place!

  4. Okay, i was a teensy bit envious from your descriptive words in your previous post. Now I'm just out-and-out jealous!

    And planning a visit in the future. LOL Need a house sitter?

  5. Wow!!! I love this entry. What a beautiful world you live in and what a loving keen eye you have for the beauty & wonder that surrounds you. I think all of this really reflicts the incredible person that you are...what you value, what you love, what you notice. thank you for this! It touches my heart & made me happy.

  6. Oh wow, what beautiful pictures of you island home. Your words made it sound heavenly and these pictures show how accurate your description was. You really do know how to paint with words.

    Thank you for going to the trouble of searching for the pictures and sharing them with us.

  7. This is absolutely beautiful - wonderful and very enchanting! I feel better just looking at these pictures. Thanks for posting them - amazing!

  8. Oh how magical! Thank you for showing us such a beautiful and special place. I could see me running around out there barefoot and in my pjs, spying on the wildlife. Or cozied up with a blanket and a cup of coffee staring out the window at the snow. WOW!

  9. You really do live in a beautiful place. I'm also very envious. I'm sure there are some drawbacks and considerations to living on the island, but... it's so lovely! I can see why you wouldn't want to go back to city life.

  10. Thank you so much for this glimpse into your world, pb...

  11. Thank you for sharing the most beautiful of photo's, I do so miss Washington State.

    When I see WA state my mind goes back to the happier days I had when I lived there. We had to move the dampness made me hurt too much.

    Am glad that others can enjoy the beauty and live there full time.



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