Thursday, September 2, 2010

What's In My Car?

what's in my car?
hiding place

safe place to eat
a whole cheesecake
a Dove bar
a box of cookies

nobody will know
if I eat in my car
holding it below the windows
watchful for people I know

mindless binging
eating in my car
sometimes a daily habit
for decades

but only once
in the past 138 days
the fresh bakery bread
two days ago

a friend notices
the red flag
eating in my car
and calls me on it

she suggests
I wonder if car eating
is something you should think
about not doing

she's right
it's on my abstinence list
no more crumbs to clean
before they're noticed

my car and I
will form a new relationship
long solo road-trip ahead
a place to feel my feelings

no more hiding
no more secrecy issues
freedom and sanity
are my rewards


  1. I wish I could remember this great quote about how any food we ate that we wouldn't eat in front of someone else is food we shouldn't be eating. I certainly have had my closet eating bouts, but rarely in the car. Hmmm. Maybe there was a bag of Milanos that I ate on the way home from the store once upon a time. Love the poem:)

  2. Awesome!
    Less shame.
    Less guilt.
    Less to clean up.
    And less "junk in the trunk!"

  3. What a great solution!

    I'm more guilty of hiding in my car and reading than eating. :)

  4. Sometimes I think of my car as a safe place, sort of my own little Fortress of Solitude on wheels. It would be very easy to conceal secret indulgences in there (besides voicing my low opinions of some of my fellow drivers).

    Good for you, Peacful Bird, for seeing this and taking steps BEFORE anything got out of control!

    I envy your upcoming road trip. When I drove across the country I learned a lot about myself and my feelings. And it was so wonderful to see how big and beautiful our country really is.

  5. Ouch, that one hit home. I live alone but I'll still sometimes buy a donut and eat it in my car before I get home. No one will know that way & it won't count. . .

    Day 63! Congratulations! I haven't been commenting much but I've been reading your posts and I know it hasn't been easy for you. I think you've found your focus though and have a pretty clear vision of what you want. Take care.

  6. I often binge in my car. I will buy a box of ice cream bars & drive around eating them until I have finished all of them because I don't want my boy friend/partner to know. I just was wondering what I would do if I didn't eat in my car. It seems impossible.


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