Sunday, September 26, 2010

Graced by Bison - Solo Road Trip Report #2

414 miles today
Billings Montana to
Bismark North Dakota
freeway semi-empty
except for when passing
two cities of size

eastern Montana
seems hard hit economically

highlight of the day
was not lunch
at the half-way point
200 miles east of Billings
I veered off the freeway
into a small town
and drove around hoping to find
for a cozy-looking cafe

lady in the grocery store
told me to go to CCs cafe
and gave me directions to get there
oh, delight, I thought
regional delicacies maybe

waitress recommends
roast turkey with all the goodies
said people drive there from all around
to have turkey on Sundays
ok... I'll try it, says I

should have had
cottage cheese and an apple
from my cooler...

stringy, dry, over-cooked turkey
string beans out of a can
mushy, way over-salted dressing
white air bun
barely tolerable salad bar
with wilted lettuce
I passed on cherry cheesecake
for dessert

oh well... the waitress was nice
I gave her a really big tip

highlights of the day
were the lovely rock outcroppings
along the rolling hills
of eastern Montana
blazing sunshine
and stopping at a rest area
with a herd of bison
grazing right there

nursing baby bison
and big-headed bulls
yikes they're intimidating
needless to say
I stayed in the car
to take pictures
but was so close
I could hear them breathe
and chew the grass
could smell their musk
could look them in the eyes
what a thrill


Thanks for comments... I feel like you're with me in a way and that's a blessing!


  1. With ya...most definitely :>]]

    Side note (although not a 50+ mile detour like some people ;>}... that little square of fabric, wrapped around your handmade box (in June)? well, I used some of it today in a new story cloth I've started to build...a layer of you there. Feels right.

    Eating out is hard enough, even at home when we know all the menus, etc. However abysmal that cafe food was, it was good for something -- made for a dang fine story with BISON for dessert!


  2. That musta been some greasy spoon!
    Oh, well, what can ya do.
    Live and learn.
    There are probably alot more places like that than the places we like.
    And the buffalo - how cool is that!
    Be safe and have fun!
    Can't wait to see the next installment!

  3. The biscon would have made my day. They are so magestic. I would love to see that part of our country.

    That'll teach you not to eat turkey and all the trappings unless it's Thanksgiving!!
    (can you tell I don't enjoy turkey?)

  4. I'm glad you stayed in the car!! Too bad the local diner was disappointing.

  5. OMG thanks for painting the memory so vividly......AHHHHH....

  6. Pity about the turkey. Especially for the people in the area for whom that is a drive-worthy meal. :)

  7. It's stories like that that have me ALWAYS packing my own food... I'm not sure which would have been worse -- the hideous turkey or the undoubtedly horrible cheese cake.

    Bison are very calm and would be used to folks stopping at the rest area, so you probably would have been safe to get a bit closer. (I wouldn't have been able to resist.) It must have been grand to see them there!


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