Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Notes on a Road Trip

haven't driven solo
across the country
for a long, long time
not since my thirties

used to make it from
Seattle to St. Paul (MN)
in three days
driving 12 or more
hours each day
and sleeping my car
singing to keep awake
eating pre-made
peanut butter
and jelly sandwiches
kept in a shoebox
free-spirited fun

next Monday I'll be 68

next Wednesday
I'm leaving the island
headed east
to see Mom and family
in St. Paul
not flying as I've done
the past few decades
driving this time
there and back

time to think
about my marriage
about my seniorhood
about nothing and everything
time to see what I'm made of
time to find the me in me
maybe I'll sing
Bob Dylan and me
singing our hearts out

not so rushed
like in my thirties
not sleeping in my car
a cooler
not a shoebox
a cell phone

taking the freeway
fastest way
probably 4 days
but OK if it's 5

homeward bound
I plan to dawdle
taking the northern route
blue highways all the way
two lanes and slow
stop to look
at anything interesting
stop to stretch
stop to breathe
stop to smell
stop to photograph
no hurry at all
feeling my feelings
being me


  1. My road trips are just like the ones you describe taking, except that I pack my groceries in grocery bags. I always sleep in the car, and pull over when I need to. It's wonderful you're taking your time on the way back. That's my idea of true luxury travel, and I was not able to do that on my last trip a couple years ago. I really envy you this drive and look forward to those photos. Best wishes to you on your trip, and have a good visit with your family.

  2. Awesome!
    Here's to a safe and wonderful trip!
    Can't wait to see the pics!
    Coolers and shoeboxes --- wow...
    Everybody's doing it!
    Have fun, fun, fun!

  3. Enjoy your time with you, your mom and family, and with Bob.

    Safe journey.

    As you travel, I hope the journey in your head take you were you need to be.

  4. Have a safe trip! Enjoy your time alone with your thoughts and the road.

  5. Please pardon the greenish tinge to this comment. I can't help but feel a teensy bit envious. :)

  6. Enjoy your journey, PB!! I think you will have a lot to write about during and after. Keep us posted on your progress! Drive safely!!

    No texting and driving!

  7. Bon voyage, dear pb...if I could fit into your pocket, I'd hide there and go along for the adventure...
    Definitely looking forward to hearing about your experiences when you return.


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