Saturday, September 25, 2010

Solitude of Being - Road Trip Report #1

on the road today
(day three of my solo road trip)
from Missoula
to Billings
both in Montana

not so far really
but add a 5 hour detour
to Yellowstone National Park
and you have a 13 hour day
mostly behind the wheel

had lunch in Livingston
no problem with overeating
while on this solo trip
at least not so far

noticed signs to Yellowstone
how could I resist
the north entrance
just 52 miles south of
my main west-east route

went there as a kid
don't remember much
just Old Faithful

arrived at the park at 5 pm
and took the north loop
which took me past
thermal hot springs
boil and bubble
yellow leaves everywhere
big horn sheep
a herd of elk
one black bear
a fumarole
(am I spelling that correctly)
a tumbling waterfall
towering rock formations
geologist's and naturalist's paradise
photographer's too
everyman's paradise

frustrating a little
not enough time
or daylight
to take pictures
every 10 feet
like I wanted to

feeling giddy about this day
a day full with
solitude of being

a little sad not to be
sharing it with my husband
who would love Yellowstone
as much as I
yet at the same time
grateful for this day full with
solitude of being


  1. You make me feel a little envious, Peacefulbird. I found a lot of peace in my long, solitary road trips, but sadly, did not have the time to make that side trip to Yellowstone... Thanks for the update. I'm glad your trip is going well.

  2. Sounds absolutely wonderful!
    I'b so glad for you!
    Keep being safe, and having fun!
    Love love love your stories!

  3. I like the sound of "feeling giddy". I think that's a very special sound in solitude...

    Thinking of you, wishing you the best tread marks ever especially all the ones involving long detours & unplanned stops!

  4. Beautiful...simply beautiful..brought back childhood memories of Yellowstone and the buffalo at the fence...

  5. I hope your trip continues well and remember too...sometimes we have to be apart for a while before we can be happy about the reunion.

  6. Sounds beautiful:) I am sitting in a crowded airport and would love some solitude right now.

  7. I'm wondering if I could, or would want to do this trip. I like time alone, but I'm not sure I would like it for such an extended length of time. I'll be interested to read your thoughts during the rest of the trip.

  8. Thank you for the picture in words. I've always wanted to go to Montana and Yellowstone.


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