Sunday, May 23, 2010

World Prayers

Two readers of my post yesterday zeroed in right away on the crux of my Ten Not-So-Good-Things list... prayer... my issues with faith and prayer. Number 6 on the list: I haven't found a form of prayer that works for me yet.

Sweetpea wrote a long comment describing how she was brought up in a Christian faith and later found a new spiritual pathway. Part of what she said (below) really strikes a cord in me and may be a window to my own pathway...

God - any definition of god - is to be found in the most personal of places for each one of us, this I believe. No longer being within a church structure or singing hymns or studying scripture, I was alone walking one day and realized - not sure exactly how - that nature was my *new* church. I was so in awe of the pulse of LIFE all around me, I stopped dead in my tracks and looked up, past tree tops, past bird song, to wind, to clouds, to new thoughts on high. THIS was my life force. And that moment freed me to pray again! My god was the natural world and the natural rhythm of things and this has remained with me for over 30 years.... I guess what I'm trying to convey, PB, is that when some forms of prayer don't work, remain receptive...and easy with yourself. Prayer may come from an entirely different direction than we expect. Yet when it finds you - and I believe this, IT finds YOU.

How beautiful is this!!! Many good contemplations in this for me... remain receptive, be easy with myself... and unspoken by Sweetpea, yet in my thoughts, is a willingness to try prayer... just do it!

Then came a comment from PJ, who gave me a fantastic link to a World Prayer site that I love! It's so gentle, clean and undogmatic... just many beautiful prayers, some ancient, some modern, some poetic, some by known mystics and religious figures, some by native shamen, some by unknown prayerful individuals from around the world. At the bottom of the site is a prayer wheel... each time I click on it a new random prayer comes up.

I love the prayer wheel so much that I've put a link to it on my side bar. If I read a world prayer every day, maybe one will help me to find my own most personal of spiritual places. I feel very calm now and optimistic. Isn't it interesting that the prayer that just came up on the wheel is this Tibetan Buddhist prayer...

May you be filled with loving kindness.
May you be well.
May you be peaceful and at ease.
May you be happy.

Serendipity! Thank you Sweetpea and PJ!


  1. Hi Robin, I believe beading is praying, and a beautiful prayerr too. With Love.


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