Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Progress Report #2

Quick post tonight as it's late and I'm tuckered out. Here's day 2 of 5 progress report:

#1 ~ Clean up/organize at least one area.... My husband's been wanting me to hem two new pairs of jeans for him. For the past two months they've been sitting on a chair in our living room. Tonight they are hemmed and put away. Hallelujah!

#2 ~ Spend at least one hour working on an art project.... Check!!!! Today was glorious! I spent 5 hours beading, stitching and painting! I'm feeling so fine... and not one single obsessive food thought all day.

#3 ~ Go wherever I need to go to be alone with no radio or TV sounds for at least one hour.... Often when I'm working in my studio, my husband stays in the house (with his various sounds of music). So today, except for a couple of phone calls and one "visit" from my husband, the whole time I was doing art was in total peace and quiet. I had nearly 4 hours in silence. Waaaahoooo!

Hard to believe that I ever let his music bug me when there's such a simple solution with multiple benefits. I must remember this.

I've been thinking a lot about reasons I eat, about obsession in general and about my history of various obsessions in particular. It feels a tad self-indulgent to think about myself so much... hopefully it's a necessary part of recovery and healing.


  1. It is not self-indulgent! (I hope... since I am doing it too.)

    The quiet thing... my husband has been home with me all day now for almost 5 years. At first the noise drove me crazy. I so missed the peace and quiet and having the house to myself. I started turning off the radio in the car back then to find some quiet. Noise bothers me now more than ever I think. Fortunately, he no longer plays the radio all the time or needs to leave the TV on. Compromise is hard for us but we are working on it.

  2. Doesn't getting goals accomplished make you feel good? I work at home and my husband is only off during the day on thursdays so that is my "noisy" day. We have a small house, so I sometimes wish I could get one of those little prefab garden hut kind of houses from Home depot to set up in my back yard (complete with all the luxuries, ac, heat, internet, and a window box for flowers. )

  3. I can put off those small projects--like hemming a pair of pants--until the guilt makes it feel like a big project. It's a special talent of mine. Feels so good to get something like that done......

    It's good that you are figuring out what you need to do to keep yourself happy and productive. "Productive" in our world is the opposite of "destructive" which is binge eating or bored eating or compulsive eating or whatever we want to call it.

    Keep it up, Peaceful Bird!

  4. I am reading your blog everyday Robin & you are inspiring me to make changes. I resisted eating treats at work &, even though it was a rough day for me, I am sitting here drinking tea instead of binging on something. Since my TV isn't working I am not going there to "zone" out and eat so that is good too. Thank you for writing so honestly about this enormously important change you are making!


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