Thursday, May 13, 2010

Progress Reprot #3

This is day 3 of 5 on my CAN DO goals... Here's the report so far:

#1 ~ Clean up/organize at least one area.... Ran out of motivation or steam or was just plain lazy today (so far). I hope to get back on track tomorrow

#2 ~ Spend at least one hour working on an art project.... Today was another glorious date with my art project! I'm almost finished with one and have started another so as to avoid that syndrome where I get stuck after finishing something. I notice that it cuts down on my computer and blogging time to be doing my art. Maybe the trick is to improve the balance rather than going overboard with one or the other. Hmmm... a little like overeating and dieting....

#3 ~ Go wherever I need to go to be alone with no radio or TV sounds for at least one hour.... Like yesterday, I enjoyed complete silence while working in my studio. Tonight as I type away here at the computer, my husband's music (from his computer) and TV (in the living room) are not bothering me at all. Obviously I need some quiet most days, but not constant quiet.

We drove out to see the sun set after dinner this evening.... It was so lovely, making everything look so warm and rosy. Somehow it feels like maybe I'm starting to climb out of a hole. I am grateful to Overeaters Anonymous and the book that got me there (Holy Hunger) for showing me a pathway to a more sane way of eating and living (day 26 today).

Also, I am deeply thankful for the support of those who are reading this journal... I had no idea anybody would want to read my ramblings and am surprised by how much the comments inspire and support me!


  1. We read because we find inspiration in your words and commonality in our journeys. I was amazed at the online community I found when I started blogging and reading others. So much support and motivation and friendship. Hugs.

  2. We like you. We really like you.

    (I am not kidding. I just typed this and Sally Field showed up on the NBC Nightly News. Who is psychic?)

    Here's to Day 27!

  3. I think you meant "Report". Just keeping it real.

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  5. Double thanks, Genie!!!

    Hey, maybe I did mean re-prot... maybe it's my NE roots... Oh, I forgot, don't have any of those... Ok, then it's a typo.

    Did I tell you, "We don't have to be perfect?"

  6. I hope you can feel how your honesty & courage is inspiring me. I am out to walk & run to hopefully lift myself out of the unhappy mood I have been in today. Reading your blog has helped me to feel better & has helped me get motivated.


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