Tuesday, August 31, 2010

High Fives

high fives to my husband
who spent the past month
restoring life to his old computer
that crashed, and crashed again
and kept crashing

his patience is utterly amazing
he's not a geek
not at all

try this, call here
read, try, call, try, call,
try, read, keep at it
baby steps
keep trying different things
work in safe mode
backup files
download a new operating system
download again
baby steps

no sound, no printer, no Photoshop
read, try, call
baby steps
try again
a little different way this time
focus, follow clues
ah, sweet success
more baby steps
more patience
not all there yet
but making so much progress

high fives to my husband
who does not abandon his old computer
who rescues it
makes it work again
bit by bit

I am admiring him
respecting him
and giving him high fives


  1. This has nothing to do with your post.

    Years ago my husband and I were watching tv in different rooms and saw the same show. Basically it said not to look at other women/men and compare your mate because it causes you to find fault in your spouse.

    I think that this post called that day to my mind because your post calls attention to something about your husband that you find admirable.your husband's perserverance, which you find admirable.

    I hope that your husband notices your admirable qualities also.

  2. I love how you are using this and your amazing poetry to think about and share an admirable quality in your husband. I know that all too often I focus on the things that drive me crazy in our day to day lives.

  3. Beautiful reminder that the little things we love about another...are what make life special!

  4. Kudos to hubby! And kudos to you for creating a lovely analogy to this health and fitness quest. It's all about trying...and then trying something else...and something else. Until you find the thing that works. :)

  5. He reminds me of my husband, who never gives up on anything. If there is the remotest possibility of getting something to work, he'll keep at it until it either does or proves to be totally unworkable. High fives, for sure!


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