Friday, August 27, 2010

Seemingly Random Thoughts

easy to write this blog
almost seems to write itself
my thoughts
and even my feelings
pour out of me
into a receptive environment
I'm feeling gratitude

Lois says
you don't have to loose yourself
by forming a partnership
but it sure feels that way sometimes
and the adjustment
is a constant
That is a really good thing
to remember

PJ says
it's a work in progress
her words apply to
life in general
I really must start to remember
nothing stays fixed forever
adjust and move on

Jules says
it boils down to trusting me...
saying YES! to me
aye and there lies the rub
those two little words me...
if Jules can do it
so can I

Carol says
I have more questions
that I'm not asking
Peacefulbird says
ask away
questions open doors
unblock the mind

Anne H says
it's all good
sometimes I forget that
but she's right

Karen says
putting the words here seems
to be working for you
I think so too

I love her name
I hope you continue
to keep writing about
your experiences
with counseling
I will

I am feeling gratitude
in this state
it's all good
and everything seems possible


  1. I think we all want to know that we are safe, and we are loved.
    Then, we learn that we are Love.

    One of my favorite lines from a book "A Course In Miracles" says: Ask for Light, and learn that you ARE Light!"
    So see - it really is all good!

  2. This post and your comment to me today make me want to write something poet. The words flow so beautifully. I wonder what would come out of me if I let go of the darn paragraphs and sentences. Maybe I will actually try sometime.

  3. I've never been in a poem before -- thank you!

    This post reminds me about gratitude, something I love but often forget about. Now I'm feeling the goodness and possibilities in everything, too. So thank you again.

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  5. I'm so glad...and I'm also finding your poetry inspiring (as in: I may try it myself!)

  6. It must be a pleasure to have the way with words that you do!


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