Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ten Things for the Ride...

Suzuki 800, my ride!
Here's my ride for the next six days. I ride my own bike (Suzuki 800) because it's fun, and I love it, and my husband can carry more camera gear on his bike when he's not carrying me. BTW, we're not Harley folks and don't generally ride in a group. Except this time we will be riding with some of my husband's friends for a couple of days. Apprehensive as I am about this particular ride, I'm determined to stay on program and to have a good time. Several readers of my previous post gave me some great ideas and support (THANKS!)...

Ten Things for the Ride
  1. I will ride with caution and not take any risks. If I can't keep up, so be it. I will risk getting lost rather than ride in a way that feels unsafe to me.
  2. At each stop, I will make rendezvous plans with my husband in case we get separated.
  3. One day at a time, I will not eat any of my binge foods.
  4. When things don't go my way, I will recall the serenity prayer.
  5. I will observe the people we encounter and the world around us with a mind open to inspiration and beauty.
  6. I will take lots of photos.
  7. I will give myself a little slack to eat meals in restaurants that might be a bit higher in fat and carbs than I usually do at home.
  8. I will not take my husband's moods personally. This is a tall order and may be the biggest challenge of the trip.
  9. I will be firm, yet realistic, about asking for what I need.
  10. I will feel my feelings, acknowledge them, respect them.

Oh yes, and one more... I will post a few pictures and a report when I return next week.


  1. You rock, PB! I didn't know you had your own motorcycle!!

  2. Wow! Quite an adventure.

    I can totally relate to #8. My husband's moods infect me and cause me to alter my own. Best of luck!

    Oh, and I gave you an award on my blog toay!

  3. I think you'll find many beautiful things on your trip, and I'm looking forward to seeing those pics. I especially salute #1 on your list. Nothing is worth feeling like you're at risk. Having your own bike gives you the control to ride when, where and how you feel the most comfortable. I'm glad you'll be cutting yourself a little slack, too. Road food is sometimes a "take what you can get" sort of thing. Bon voyage!

  4. I am just now learning to not take it personally when someone is vexed or in a horrific mood!


  6. One more for your list:
    11. Remember that certain people sweltering in the southern U.S. are pea-green with envy thinking of you zipping across the miles on an awesome motorcycle. :)

    Safe journey!

  7. Now that is a great list! Hope you have fun:) My butt is sore and my body is vibrating just thinking about your hours riding.


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