Monday, August 16, 2010

Swimmin' Victory!

OK, more cycle problems
Clutch cable got cobbled together
this morning

Got on the road at noon
102 degrees
hotter with the engine heat
and heat rising from hwy pavement

Long, long ride
to make up for time lost yesterday
gripe, gripe, gripe
sweat, sweat, sweat

Just when we thought we had it in the bag
with only an hour to go
to reach our
pre-planned reservations for the night,
husband's bike
clutch cable broke
dead in the heat

Tow into nearest town
no dealer
no cycle repair shop
oh well, c'est la vie

Husband waits for tow truck
while I cycle into town
and find a motel

motel has an indoor/outdoor
swimming pool and hot tub

I haven't worn a bathing suit
for 30 years
denied myself swimming
for that long
because of self-conscious
about my body

Virginia in motel office,
noticing my red (from heat) face,
encourages me to use the pool
No suit, I say
No problem, she says,
there's a Walmart right up the highway.

Here's the victory...

I bought a swim suit
and had a fabulous swim
and soak
and swim
and soak
and swim again!

Oh fabulous victory!!!!!
Oh beautiful cooling water!!!!

We have to find
a parts dealer
somewhere in this country
that will express ship
a clutch cable here.

In the meantime,
guess I'll be swimmin'
and stayin' cool


  1. Congratulations on swimming! Good luck with mechanical stuff!

  2. That's wonderful! I can only imagine how good that water felt after a day like yours. Victory is sweet!

  3. I can imagine how good that water felt. Perhaps that was the reason for this trip, perhaps the cosmos wanted to give you the opportunity to start swimming again. Woohoo!

  4. I agree that this was probably all about getting you back in to the pool and to enjoy the pleasures of life that you have denied yourself.
    enjoy your journey.

  5. I got to the swimming verse and just began to smile. Good for you. I am not usually the person who says stuff like this but another might point out how something good came from something bad. Enjoy the water:)

  6. That is a momentous victory for you! Sorry about the clutch, but God had a purpose with that.

    Enjoy your new-found freedom in the refreshing waters!

  7. another refound freedom. Congratulations, Robin. What a milestone.

  8. Okay, I know the clutch cable problems are an unwelcome vacation intrusion and an expense you don't need, but I'm thinking it's also a little bit of serendipity at work. I mean, what are the chances you would have done your new swim/soak/swim routine without this clutch nonsense?

    I can't resist adding that it's awesome the way you've snagged a victory from the "clutches" of defeat. :) {ducking}

  9. So glad you found a way to de-stress right in the middle of what could have been a very memorable deal-breaker!


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